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Compilation of all the SkyRem mods for immersion: Eve, Mia, Inez, Lora, and Iris.
All together, these completely overhaul your experience with the economy (and helps solve wealth creep) and provides some immersion enhancements.

Permissions and credits
  • French

Eve Mia Inez Lora Iris

A compilation of the second SkyRem series of mods focused on Economy and Immersion.
Eve (Evolving Value Economy): Provides a fluctuating economy based on a number of factors.
Mia (More Immersive Activations): Simple replacement texts for nearly every vanilla situation (vs the generic "Activate" prompt).
Inez (Improved NPC Encounter Zones): A more logical and strategic approach for Encounter Zones.
Lora (Loot Overhaul - Rarity and Abundance): Complete rework of Leveled Lists and Containers for realism.
Iris (Indigent Residents In Skyrim): Mass removal of valuable and not-so valuable item that so many people leave lying around.

Key Changes
  • [EVE] Prices for items when bartering will fluctuate based on local resources, location, season, and civil war progress.
  • [EVE] Crime is more expensive and bounties depend on the hold in which an infraction occurs.
  • [MIA] "Activate" text replaced with more immersive text.
  • [MIA] NPCs are unknown until you talk to them (or in some cases at least hear them speak).
  • [INEZ] Encounter Zones minimums set based on algorithm that considers NPC type, location, and quest involvement (importance).
  • [INEZ] Borders disabled for many EZs based on NPC type (more intelligent NPCs will follow you out of the cell).
  • [LORA] All items categorized based on CURSE: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Scarce, and Exotic. This determines how easy they are to find.
  • [LORA] Artifacts deleveled, items found in more appropriate locations (dwarven weapon in dwarven ruins, ingredients at apothecaries, etc).
  • [LORA] Harvesting success is based on Alchemy Skill, but the amount you can harvest more realistic (most bears have more than 1 claw).
  • [IRIS] Greatly reduces the amount of items and clutter placed in cells based on location. 
  • [IRIS] The more valuable an item is, the less likely someone left it lying around. Valuables are harder to find outside of on NPCs and inside chests.

Known "Issues"
  • None known at this time.

The majority of potential conflicts with Emili are likely to occur with mods that alter Leveled Lists and/or Containers records.
Mods currently supported and/or tested:

  • Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments: Patched by Lora
  • aMidianBorn Content Addon: Patched by Lora
  • Amulets of Skyrim: Patched by Lora
  • [NEW] Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim: Works as is
  • [NEW] Apothecary: Works as is
  • Armor and Clothing Extension: Works as is
  • [NEW] Armor Variants Expansion: Patched by Lora
  • [NEW] Ars Metallica: Patched by Lora
  • Artifacts of Skyrim: Patched by Lora
  • BadGremlin's Collectables: Patched by Lora
  • CheesMod for Everyone: Patched by Lora
  • Cloaks of Skyrim: Works as is
  • [NEW] Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul: Patched by Lora
  • Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered: Patched by Lora
  • [NEW] Common Clothes and Armor: Patched by Lora
  • Cutting Room Floor: Patched by Lora
  • Dawnguard Arsenal: Patched by Lora
  • Enchanting Adjustments: Patched by Lora
  • Guards Armor Replacer: Works as is
  • Heavy Armory: Patched by Lora
  • Helps To Have A Map: Patched by Lora
  • Hunterborn: Works as is
  • Immersive Armor: Works as is
  • Immersive College of Winterhold: Works as is
  • Immersive Weapons: Patched by Lora
  • [NEW] Jaysus Swords: Works as is
  • Konahrik's Accoutrements: Patched by Lora
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn: Patched by Lora
  • Mysticism: Patched by Lora
  • [NEW] Narrative Loot: Patched by Lora
  • [NEW] Odin: Works as is
  • [NEW] Realistic Armor: Works as is
  • [NEW] Reforging - To the Masses: Patched by Lora
  • Savage Skyrim: Works as is
  • [NEW] Scoped Bows: Patched by Lora
  • SkyTEST: Works as is
  • Summermyst: Patched by Lora
  • Trade & Barter: Patched by Lora
  • Triumvirate: Patched by Lora
  • [NEW] Warmonger Armory: Patched by Lora
  • Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes (WACCF): Works as is
  • Zim's Dragon Improvements

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SkyRem Immersion Series - EMILI
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