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Ever stare at an orc with a killer viking ponytail? Ever stare at that ponytail and sigh quietly to yourself, "Why can't my HUMAN character be that sexy?" Well put away the tissue box and break out the champagne, friend! Now those orcs will be the ones who are green!... with ENVY!!

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This type of mod has been something I have searched for NUMEROUS times and I had yet to find one that didn't have serious clipping issues. I WAS able to find Howitzer's Hair for Men SSE but there was only one option in terms of length and I didn't want the orcs to be better than me. So... After endless tutorials and sleepless nights of screaming at my computer (which it just sits there as I try to talk to it... I think it's ignoring me) I created this mod on my own. This is my first mod so please let me know if you run into any issues. Screenshots encouraged.

- Adds new hair options for all HUMANS
- Hairstyles come in 4 flavors:
- Short
- Medium
- Long
- Viking Long NEW! in version 2.0
- Makes "Vikings" fans happy (the tv show, not the sports team... Well, I mean it COULD make the sports fans happy... Go with whatcha feel on this one)

- Change the hair textures (use Superior Lore-Friendly Hair - HD textures) <-- This is an LE mod but it's only textures so it will work with SSE
- Add new hair options for all ELVEN races
- Add new hair options for all human FEMALES (currently working on it) DONE!! included in version 2.0
- Cure world hunger (not currently working on it)


- Use your favorite mod manager(you should be doing this. Just do it. Grab a mod manager, buy it a drink, see how you like each other, and then invite it back to your place to FILL IT TO THE BRIM WITH MODS UNTIL IT BREAKS)

- Not using a mod manager? (Didn't I just say... *sigh*)
- Unpack the .rar file
- Place the contents into your Skyrim Special Edition "Data" folder.
- Mod Organizer 2
- Vortex
- Beginner's Guide to Modding (read ALL OF IT, ya savage)

UNINSTALLATION (Why are you doing this to me? Is... is it something I said?)

- Mod manager?
- Untick the mod from your load order (see how EASY that was)

- No mod manager?
- Find and delete all of the files you just threw into your SSE "Data" folder like last week's lasagna (... You did this)

Community Overlays 1 (0-30) Bodypaints Warpaints Tattoos and more made for the Community (Special Edition)
^^Adds some nice head tattoos that pair well with this mod. There is also a "Male Replacer" version

Mild Hair Colors
^^Tones the colors of the vanilla hair options down a tad

High Poly Vanilla Hair
^^Does some very nice things with the vanilla hairstyles. B-E-A-UUUUUUTIFUL!!

Looking For This Mod On XBOX, friend? Well... You're in luck!
Orsimer Shaved Ponytails for Humans - Xbox One - Special Thanks to TeluraVas for the port!

Equestrian - An SC Horses Overhaul
AC Odyssey - Kassandra Standalone Follower
Falmer Ear Trinkets
Carry Your Carcasses
Use Those Horses

BodySlide and Outfit Studio by ousnius
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