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Combination of patches for several popular Whiterun overhaul/addon mods to use with Capital Whiterun Expansion.

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Due to personal events in my life I have to step away from modding for now. I apologize for the delays in responses and patching on my part, and fully encourage people to use all current releases as they see fit. (Besides monetization)

Older versions of these patches will no longer be supported by me as I have completely redone the patch since v1.5 of CWE.

My attempt to create a patch for Capital Whiterun Expansion 1.5 and Dawn of Skyrim 1.5, all while keeping as much content from both mods as possible. This mod was also made with compatibility in mind, aiming to work with or without mods such as Fortified Whiterun & Dark's Whiterun Market out of the box.

Please do note this was my first Skyrim mod made as a personal project for my own playthroughs, so not everything may be tailored to your own tastes. With that in mind, I do plan to eventually get started on some similar patches for other Whiterun mods when I am able to. If there are any issues or bugs, please feel free to report them.

CWE = Capital Whiterun Expansion
DoS = Dawn of Skyrim
FW = Fortified Whiterun
DWM = Dark's Whiterun Market

Compatibility (for only v2.0+):
- Works with Cutting Room Floor
- Minor clipping with most of JK's White Interior Mods due to the changes made to the exteriors of the buildings. Can patch all but the Drunken Huntsmen with minor edits if I find the time.

Known Issues (for only v2.0+):
- None atm