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A simple weather mod.

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This is my final weather mod. In regards to lighting, it is technically superior to all of my preceding weather mods, including NLVA, SnowFall, Dolomite Weathers (Nexus Mod of the Month 2/2017), Obsidian Weathers (Nexus Mod of the Month 12/2017), and Cathedral Weathers (Nexus Mod of the Month 4/2019). There are a few features that remain unfinished, including volumetric lighting, rain and storm audio, a customization power, and seasonal weather probabilities. 

  • The lighting, sky, fog, clouds, snow, and rain are finished.
  • There is volumetric lighting but this remains unfinished. For the intended look, consider disabling VL with the console command TVL. 
  • Included are MangaClub's Vivid Fogs , please endorse his original mod and send him your thanks. Please set your particle count to 6000 in SkyrimPrefs.ini, [Particles], iMaxDesired=6000
  • Includes cloud textures from Cathedral Weathers

  • There are no region records, so if using audio-overhauls like AOS or SOS, no patch is needed.
  • It is safe to overwrite Cathedral Weathers or Obsidian Weathers if you wish to keep the customization powers of those mods. Keep in mind however that Azurite Weathers was designed with the vanilla weather probabilities in mind. To restore the vanilla weather probabilities, you could simply overwrite these mods with an audio overhaul such as AOS or SOS.
  • This mod uses filmic tone mapping, but don't worry- included is an ini file that also adjusts global brightness and contrast so that all other mods you are using will be compatible with the new tone maps. The filmic tone mapping allows for bright scenes without white-wash or clipping.
  • There is no custom audio for storms. I recommend using a pure audio patch for true storms once available. 

All screenshots on this page are with older versions of Azurite Weathers so may look slightly different