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Adds some extra faces to the "Wizard Duel" and "College Student" quests for a little more immersion. ESP-FE

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One more addition to my dreaded line of inconsequential mods.
I was somewhat tired of seeing the same "challenger" and "student" again and again.

Thirty-six suicide "challengers" -- Hopefully it won't look like it's always the same dude resurrected by divine intervention.
Eighteen dumb "students" -- Perhaps the guy is supposed to be a complete idiot and forget everything after a few days, but sometimes too much is too much.

Custom AI option
Usually you notice and recognize the dudes from a distance because they're always waiting in the same spot.
I slightly edited the AI packages to hopefully have them behaving in a more nonchalant way... unless you're near the spawn marker when the quest starts; nothing doing in that case.

IWE patch
"Compatibility" patch for 'Immersive World Encounters. FINAL SE'.
Gives the Student quest a 95% chance of being skipped.
If you don't wish to skip it so often, just don't install the patch and load this after IWE.