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Adds a new Imperial style player-home to the Rift on an island near Ivarstead.

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Hey you. Yeah, you. Were you looking for the perfect player-home for your Imperial play through? Yeah? That's good man! That's, real good!

This mod adds a new Imperial style player-home to the Rift on an island near Ivarstead.
- Based on the design of Proudspire Manor -


A LORE-FRIENDLY letter from your beloved Uncle Marcus, explaining how you came to acquire the Villa.

A complete smithy (includes forge, sharpening wheel, armor bench, tanning rack, and smelter).

An exterior boardwalk and bedroom balcony with a lakeside view.
(Fully navmeshed for your followers' convenience!)

A private team of Imperial Body Guards
(who will actually fight off Stormcloaks and other enemies).

An Imperial War Room with threatening map markers and nine shield racks for the nine Holds.

A bedroom furnished with Imperial decorations and books.

An alchemy room with labeled potion and ingredient storage.

An enchanting room with labeled soul gem storage.

A dungeon with torture tools (for Stormcloak scum).

A kitchen and dining room equipped with a cooking station.

Numerous weapon racks, weapon plaques, and a display case.

Four functioning armor mannequins.

Every type of Imperial armor or weaponry (light armor, heavy armor, shields, sword, bow, General Tullius' armor, etc.).

A personal collection of Dwemer artifacts.

A private altar to the 8 divines
(And maybe a secret altar to Talos if you don't tell the Thalmor...)

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