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Allows custom races with the proper keywords to hear the race relevant lines in the SDA mod

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Inspired by Aelarr's Race compatibility dialogue mod I decided to make a patch for Martimius' lovely Serana Dialogue Addon mod.

Serana has a few lines relevant to your character's race that you would miss playing as custom race, this fixes by updating the conditions to check  for custom race keywords. So now you can hear all of her fun lines.
As long as your custom race has the "Actorproxy(race)" keyword, Serana will treat your character as a member of that race.

Example: If the race has "Actorproxykhajiit" she will treat your character as a khajiit.

Install: Just download with your preferred mod manager and enable the esp. Or
download it manually and drop the esp in Skyrim SE's data folder. It is flagged as an esl so it will not take up a slot in your load order.

Requirements: Just the Race Compatibility mod since it uses the keywords from that mod and every custom race mod requires it.

Aelarr's Race compatibility Dialogue mod since it covers the base game and so so so many mods.

Please let me know if I missed a line or a line is not firing for the correct race.

Martimius for Serana Dialogue Addon
TMPhoenix for Race Compatibility
Aelarr for Race Compatibility Dialogue for the base game and so so many mods and inspiring me to cover more mods