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patcheroonis by Gucci Mane

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A patch which forwards race data from Imperious - Races of Skyrim by EnaiSenpai but lets you keep your character's FaceGen. (also replaces High Poly Head Vampire Fix.esp)

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This esl-flagged .esp is a simple copy-as-override of the vampire race records from Imperious.esp but with the Face / Head Part Flags from High Poly Head Vampire Fix.esp forwarded since the latter states itself as "incompatible with mods that modify the vanilla vampire races".

This plugin can be used without High Poly Head, since all it does is remove the "Overlay Head Part" flag from Imperious. For those with High Poly Head, this plugin renders High Poly Head Vampire Fix.esp, as chosen in the HPH FOMOD, redundant.

- Imperious - Races of Skyrim by Enai-Sasquatchewan
- (optional, but strongly recommended) High Poly Head by KouLeifoh (off-site)

Will make the most sense if you are using both HPH and Imperious. Sacrosanct, also by EnaiShamalamadingdong, doesn't appear to edit the vampire race records themselves so no patch appears to be necessary.

I created this so I could score some ~love points~ with Serana Dialogue Add-on by letting her convert me before heading into the Soul Cairn, but still keep my bangin' high poly head (images show before and after). Might have been Serana Dialogue Edit. Or Amorous Adventures PLUS. #Doesn'tmatterhadsex.

Only got around to testing with the nord race so lmk if you need more of my Precision Editing Skillz.

EnaiSzechuanGourmet for making Skyrim fun
KL for making Skyrim sexy
mator please notice me

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