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The Creation Club is home to some great new crossbows, however, they are integrated extremely poorly into the base game. This mod seeks to rectify that.

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The crossbow is one of my favorite weapons in Skyrim, the design is super cool and they're just a blast to use. So I was excited to pick up the beautiful new crossbow variants that the Creation Club has on offer. Imagine my disappointment when I saw how terribly they are integrated into the base game. In Expanded Crossbow Pack you just buy them from the Solitude Fletcher. Even worse, in Elite Crossbows you just walk into a room and grab the Ebony Crossbow off the table! Well this mod seeks to rectify this mishap and integrate the new weapons into the game as seamlessly as possible.

This mod requires both Crossbow Creations. The Unofficial Patches for these Creations are not necessary, the relevant changes have been forwarded.


  • Night Hunter will no longer automatically fire when booting up the game.
  • The new Crossbow Variants are now the reward for the final Ancient Technology quest.
  • The Night Hunter quest is preserved in it's entirety and is tied into Ancient Technology.


Borja "Borx25" Franco for their work on the Expanded Crossbow Pack Creation.
VictorF for doing a lot of the legwork getting this mod working properly.

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