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Changes most vanilla enchantments and alchemy fortify effects, making then more balanced, useful and exploit free.

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Enchantment and Alchemy Effects Tweaks

This mod changes most enchantments and alchemy fortify effects, making then more useful, balanced and free of exploits like the crafting loop, along with some fixes.

- All enchantments and alchemy effects have some use in combat, so that Daedric Gauntlet of lockpicking will no longer be a waste.

- Reworked the messy fortify heavy/ light armor vanilla effects with new effects that work properly.

- Added secondary effects to fortify lockpicking, pickpocketing, speechcraft, sneak and resist disease, to make then more appealing in combat.

- Soul trap, banish and turn undead now also deal damage.

- Existing Chaos enchantments are no longer overpowered (still one of the most powerful) and custom made ones now have the proper magnitude.

- Crafting loop exploit is gone! Fortify smithing, alchemy and enchanting effects now have other effects.

- Common enchantments no longer stack if the same effect is placed in two different pieces of armor, you only get the effect from the one with higher magnitude.

- Mage robes now increase spell effectiveness instead of decrease cost and removed their magic regeneration boost.

- Balanced enchantments cost.

- Enchantments that reduce spell cost no longer apply to weapons enchantments, the alchemy fortify enchanting effect does reduce enchantment cost though.

New Fortify Effects
Effects are shared between enchantments and alchemy, the duration of the alchemy effects is still the same as in vanilla.

Fortify Alchemy Consumed potions are <mag>% more effective. Alchemy skill increases <mag>% faster.
(Enchantment only)

Fortify Block Block <mag>% better. Blocked attacks damage the attacker Stamina by <mag> points.

Fortify Damage Reflection (replaces Fortify Heavy Armor) Incoming melee unblocked attacks damage the attacker by <mag> points of damage.
(Can also trigger on ranged attacks but the attacker must be very close)

Fortify Enchanting Enchanted weapons use <mag>% less charges and enchantment skill increase <mag>% faster.
(Alchemy only)

Adrenaline Guard (replaces Fortify Light Armor) When hit by unblocked melee attacks, restore <mag> points of Stamina.

Fortify Lockpicking Lockpicking is <mag>% easier. Increases critical chance by <mag>%.

Fortify Damage (replaces Fortify One-Handed) Melee attacks deal <mag>% more damage.

Fortify Pickpocket Pickpocket chances are <mag>% better. Deal <mag>% more damage from behind.

Fortify Smithing Ignore <mag>% of the target armor. Smithing skill increases <mag>% faster.

Fortify Sneak Sneaking is <mag>% more effective. Sneak attacks deal <mag>% more damage.

Fortify Speech Prices are <mag>% better. Shouts are <mag>% more effective.

Fortify Power Attacks (replaces Fortify Two-Hanced) Power attacks cost <mag>% less stamina and stagger <mag>% longer.

Resist Disease Grants <mag>% resistance to disease. Resist <20>% damage from animals and creatures.

New Weapon Effects

Banish Deal <30> banish damage to Daedra. Summoned Daedra up to level <mag> are sent back to Oblivion.

Chaos Target takes <mag> points of fire damage to Health and Magicka. Ignore the target fire resistance.
(Uses magic resistance instead)

Fear Target deal <mag>% less physical damage for <dur> seconds.
(Do not stack but affect any target of any level)

Magicka Damage Deal <mag> points of damage to Magicka. <10>% chance to deplete the target Magicka.

Soul Trap If target dies within <dur> seconds, fills a soul gem. Target takes <3> damage per second.
(Damage do not stack but duration is reset on each hit)

Stamina Damage Deal <mag> points of damage Stamina. <10>% chance to deplete the target Stamina.

Turn Undead Reduce maximum Health of Undead by <mag> for <dur> seconds.
(Reducing maximum health also reduces the current health by the same amount)


Only magic effects and the perks AlchemySkillBoost / PerkSkillBoost were modified for better compatibility, thus any mod that add new enchanted gear or potions that uses vanilla effects will be compatible.

Summermyst - Compatible and recommended for variety, a compatibility patch is available to forward summermyst`s enchantment shadders and fix a small conflict regarding the mages robes disenchantment.

Skyrim Alchemy Fixed - Fully compatible and recommended, just must be load before (above) Enchantment and Alchemy effects Tweaks.

Enchanting Adjustments and Price-Charge Bug Fix - The full version is not compatible, the fix-only version is compatible.

CACO - Partially compatible, must be loaded before (above) Enchantment and Alchemy effects Tweaks, might suppress some CACO options related to potion duration.

Complementary Mod

My Artifacts and Uniques (Overhaul) complements this mod well as it let artifacts enchantments stacks with common enchantments.

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