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Augmented destruction perks no longer affect enchanted weapon spell damage since it's supposed to only amplify spell damage from the bare hands of mages. Consequently also fixes the issue that double enchanted weapons got ALL their spell damage amplified by augmented destruction perks, even spell damage which is not even elemental.

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tl;dr What does this mod do? tl;dr

In the Destruction Perk Tree there are three perks called augmented frost, augmented flames and augmented shock which claim to amplify spell damage. Yet an enchanted elemental weapon also gets amplified damage from these perks. Even worse the perks amplify ALL spell damage on the weapon, meaning you can double enchant a weapon with the Extra Effect perk and get a 50% bonus on non-elemental damage when combining it with an elemental enchantment.

This mod fixes both of these issues as a lightweight esl with only 7 entries (2 for each perk since they have a 25% and 50% boost) which won't add to your load order limitation. It has no dependencies other than the base game and is compatible with everything that doesn't change the augmented perks from the Destruction Tree (which don't get touched by the official Add-Ons or USSEP so no worries).

As the title says, weapon enchantments will no longer get amplified by the augmented perks from the Destruction Tree. All other non-weapon-bound spells will still get amplified as intended. I initially realized it via equipped items but deathb0rn hinted at an even better way so from version 2.0 onwards it's now realized via check for enchantments.

The mod now works without any limitations. Patch for Vokrii available under optional files.

Table of contents:

- A more detailed description
- What exactly did I do?
- Installation
- Uninstallation
- Updating from earlier versions
- Available Patches
- Update History / Changelog in prose
- Compatibility
- Known Incompatible Mods
- Credits
- Credits to original authors for whose mods I made patches
- Disclaimer

A more detailed description

The augmented perks affect elemental weapon damage because they affect all spells with the corresponding keyword (MagicDamageFrost, MagicDamageFire, MagicDamageShock) and weapon enchantments like Fire Damage are coded as an on-touch spell with the MagicDamageFire keyword.

This alone is immersion-breaking in my opinion. Why would an enchanted sword suddenly become more powerful just because I learned how to shoot stronger flames from my hands? The magic on the weapon does not get fueled by my own magical abilities, I can be a total noob in magic and still pick up an enchanted sword from the ground that does tons of elemental damage.

An additional even more disturbing problem is that when I have the Extra Effects perk from the Enchanting Perk Tree that I can have two separate enchantments on the same item, e.g. Fire Damage and Absorb Health.

The condition Subject.EPMagic_SpellHasKeyword == MagicDamageFire is now checked as true and all spell damage on the subject gets amplified, meaning I have a 50% boost on the Absorb Health enchantment.

Which is a) mind-blowingly counter-intuitive and b) totally overpowered.

In fact it was so counter-intuitive that I thought I had broken my game with too many mods like Summermyst, Crafting Skills Revamped, Visual Animated Enchants, Skyrim Skill Uncapper, Remove Enchantment Only, Acquisitive Soul Gems Multithreaded and what else could possibly affect how enchantments work (for clarification: none of the above are at fault here, all great mods that I recommend checking out).

This could not be intentional behaviour, right?

But it was. There are even recommendations out there to combine Fire and Frost damage so that you can get a 100% boost on both enchantments with the augmented flames and frost perks.

So I fixed it.

What exactly did I do?

I used SSEEdit and copied the six entries for the augmented perks into a new esp and then added one condition for each perk to apply which reads Subject.getIsObject(Enchantment) == 0.

This means every object that classifies as enchanted will not get amplified by the augmented destruction perks. Since spells from the bare hand of a mage do not classify as enchanted they will get amplified just as the perk's description promises.

I lastly added the esl-flag to my esp and renamed it to .esl which means it gets loaded early on. So in case you have a perk overhaul installed and didn't realize that it changes your perks my mod will always be overwritten (and thus probably have no effect unless your perk overhaul of choice doesn't touch the augmented perks).

I also provide an esl-flagged esp version in case you prefer that for whatever reason.

This is my first mod aside from some simple SSEEdits I did to tweak some values in other mods for my personal use.


Install with the mod manager of your choice. Manual install is though not recommended also possible, it's just a single file to dump into your Data folder. Safe to install mid-playthrough.


Uninstall with the mod manager of your choice. If installed manually simply delete the esl/esp-file from your Data folder. Should be safe to uninstall at any point as far as I can judge.

Updating from earlier versions

Uninstall previous version and then install the new version. Safe to update at any time without a clean save or anything as far as I can judge. You can even switch from esl to esp or vice versa (different load order of course, use LOOT or something similar), there is no data or variables being stored by the mod so this should be fine.

Available Patches

all patches are with permission from the original author if required; they are credited as original creators after the name of the mod

Vokrii - Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim (made by Enai Siaion)
- I added the condition Subject.getIsObject(Enchantment) == 0 to the corresponding Vokrii perks and specified Vokrii and its dependencies as Masters
- available under optional files as an ESL-flagged ESP, just Vokrii needed, no other file from my mod

Update History / Changelog in prose

1.0 to 2.0

In the initial release on 21.11.2020 I worked with Reference.PlayerRef as the reference object for condition checking which may have affected NPC spell damage in an unintended way. A Master Necromancer for example has the Augmented Frost perk and its application to their frost spells should be depending on what the player has equipped - meaning if you equip a weapon the Master Necromancer loses the damage amplification of their Augmented Frost perk. This was of course unintended behaviour but working with Subject as reference object did not work on the player so believed I had to go with the Reference.PlayerRef. I was fully aware of this possible issue and referenced it here on the description page. The user deathb0rn then gave me an idea how to circumvent this possible issue. Henceforth I implemented their idea (with permission of course) in version 2.0 on 22.11.2020 just seven hours after the initial release.

2.0 to 2.1

While making a patched version for Vokrii on user request I realized that I mistook the HEDR entry in the file header for some kind of version number. Every other file has the entry version 1.7 there so I corrected that in my mod from 2.0 to 1.7 - I don't know whether that value gets ever used, mod seemed to work just fine without the correction but better safe than sorry, right? Ah, and I added a patched version for Vokrii - Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim.


mods that add weapons
- fully compatible as of version 2.0

mods that add enchantments
- fully compatible
- my mod also works with their enchantments, e.g. Lingering Fire or Frost Hazard from Summermyst will not get amplified by the augmented perks, no patch needed

mods that alter enchantments
- fully compatible
- my mod can handle every alteration I can think of

mods that add perks
- fully compatible
- my mod will not work for perks they have added that have similar effects to the augmented destruction perks, can be patched though if you ask for it

mods that alter perks
- fully compatible as long as they do not alter the three (strictly speaking six) augmented destruction perks

mods that alter the augmented destruction perks
- probably incompatible, depending on the scope of their alterations it may be patchable

mods that completely overhaul perks
- probably incompatible, unless the six augmented perk entries and their Form ID's have not been replaced
- the method I used with the six conditions added can be used to patch any augmented-like perks they may have added

Known Incompatible Mods

I checked these myself on users' requests.

Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim (fixes enchanted weapons in a different, more complex way, no patch needed)
Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul (fixes enchanted weapons in a similar way as I do, no patch needed)
Vokrii - Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim (patch available under optional files)


Bethesda for providing Skyrim Special Edition
SSEEdit for providing the tool to look into esp files and edit them
Creation Kit Documentation for explaining what these entries and values actually mean
deathb0rn for their idea to fix the possible NPC spell damage issue from version 1.0

Credits to original authors for whose mods I made patches

Enai Siaion for Vokrii - Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim


All statements given are without guarantee. I am not held responsible for some weird negative consequence my mod could have for your game. I assessed everything to the best of my ability and tried to be as transparent as possible, thinking of the entirety of possible negative outcomes my mod could cause and evaluating everything carefully. It probably took me as much time to think of that as it took me to write and test my mod. I say with deepest conviction that I fully believe that my mod can cause no harm whatsoever but there is never true certainty in software development.

That being said, I take it very seriously. My own playthrough is two and a half years in the making, I am not losing that time investment. Neither will you. My mod has no scripts, doesn't store or alter any data, it just changes the conditions when some perks apply and when not.