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4K Retexture for babmer's Extravagant Interiors: Solitude

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While I love the idea behind Extravagant Interiors: Solitude, the original Antistar textures for it are much lower resolution than most texture packs these days, and changing Solitude's stone interiors to intricately-carved woodwork made many issues with the models' UV mapping apparent.

This mod contains:
-AI upscaled wallpaper textures
-New textures made from high-resolution stock photos for all woodwork, stonework, and tiling, with Nordic/Celtic knotwork ornamentation in place of many of the more Baroque original details, to be more fitting with Skyrim's setting
-Planter texture re-created from a higher resolution version of the same source image and UVs adjusted on planter meshes to remove distortion
-Texture paths adjusted to point ceiling panels at ceiling textures instead of wall textures, and add more visual variation to wooden-walled interiors
-UVs adjusted on most wall, ceiling, and window meshes to better fit new textures
-Dome and stairwells edited in Blender to correct odd texture pathing
-Doorway arches edited in Blender to allow UV placement matching surrounding architecture
-Completely new retexture of the throne in the Blue Palace to match the aesthetic of this mod
-Reduction of instances of the floral paintings on the columns being split in half. For users of the Blue Palace Only version, there is an edited copy of Titansbane's .esp that replaces the columns in the Blue Palace by hand to make sure all of the columns are covered rather than merely most.

The mesh edits will in fact improve even the original textures, though because of some of the changes to the palace column texture I had to make, using the original textures with the edited meshes will not result in fewer instances of the floral paintings being split. The other changes will still hold, though.

All edited meshes are compatible with ELFX if you use it, but it's not required. If you do, you will still need the ELFX patch from the original mod for all the meshes this edit does not touch.

babmer for Extravagant Interiors: Solitude
Antistar for Clockwork, from which the original textures were derived
Titansbane for the Blue Palace Only version
Moosmupfel for the ELFX-compatible meshes