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Changes your human male character power attack voice and other combat sounds. Many options to choose

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Hi there!
I'm wondering why nobody did that before? Maybe I just couldn't find it? There is similar mod but it's not that. What do you ask?


You do power attack and your character moans like a teenager, but you are old, brutal, rough Nord?! Geez!!! BUT NOW NO MORE!
Now your Nord will sound like a barbarian that he is... also works for Bretons, Imperials and Redguards, there you go guys, you may feel cool now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If you're very healthy there is also no sap while swinging your sword version.

My English is bad, I've used a lot of translators. See the video!


Now you're proud man!


Recommended mods:

Nordic Shouts -Enigma Series- SLE by Satafinix (used in video)

Thundering shouts by greentea101

That similar mod, but I couldn't stand that moans: Change My Nord Voice

Future plans?

Firstly fixes, probably some problems will show up

And it happened. There was something that I did not notice in my tests. In low stamina situation character use another sound effects. Vanilla isn't that bad in my opinion, it fits for exhausted guy, but in future I'll look into it

Power bash

Maybe remove pain sounds? You're so tough guy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Maybe more versions?

Share with me with your suggestions, be nice, don't be salty and love will win! <3 Dovahkiin approves that!