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An inventory sorting mod implemented as a zEdit Patcher using heuristics for compatibility with (almost) all other mods, without needing patch plugins.

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Quick Description:
  • This zEdit patcher dynamically creates a sorting mod for Skyrim based on all of your currently installed mods.
  • It does not require compatibility patches for other mods - Just run it again when you add/remove/update your other mods.
  • It is highly configurable using its UI within zEdit.


Install the included `ZKV_Sort` folder to the `modules` folder in zEdit. The path should look like:[Your zEdit folder]\modules\ZKV_Sort\

  • From zEdit: Delete the folder from zEdit's modules folder.
  • From Skyrim: Disable/delete the generated plugin .esp file. There are no in-game scripts involved so it should be as safe to delete as any other simple plugin.

  1. Load all of your mods in zEdit with the correct load order (preferably managed by ModOrganizer2)
  2. Right-click in the zEdit window once the mods have been loaded and go to Manage Patchers
  3. Click Build beside ZKV_Sort in the Build Patches pane.
  4. Wait while the patcher does its work, until it says "All Done!", then close the window.
  5. Close zEdit, and when it prompts you to save ZKV_Sort.esp, do so.
  6. Ensure that ZKV_Sort.esp is later in your load order than all other plugins that add/change items, spells, etc.
  7. Now when you load the game, items and spells should have been renamed appropriately for sorting. You can verify/examine the patcher's changes by opening ZKV_Sort.esp in zEdit or xEdit.

A Skyrim zEdit patcher that creates a plugin file from other loaded plugins with record names (items, spells, etc.) modified for sorting in the inventory. For example, the spell Flames can become Destruction I: Flames instead; or Iron Sword will be renamed to Sword (1h): Iron. These changes are configurable (See the config UI in the screenshots).

This produces a result similar to older sorting mods such as the excellent Valdacil's Item Sorting or Zhior's Enhanced Better Sorting, with the advantage of not requiring compatibility patches for other mods that add or change items.

As long as your load-order is set up correctly, this patcher will produce a plugin that incorporates the changes for all loaded mods correctly while also renaming objects appropriately for sorting. If you add or remove mods, just run the patcher again to regenerate its plugin and it will adapt accordingly.

This patcher was inspired by EQLIBRIIM's SORT patcher, but uses heuristics (such as analyzing the keywords or names of records) instead of working from a JSON list of known records, meaning that this patcher doesn't need updates from me to make it aware of other mods. It should work with almost any mod, and can be expanded to support other mods through the use of JSON files telling it how to handle new keywords from mods that it doesn't recognize; all without involving compatibility patch plugins!

Requires the latest release of the excellent zEdit by Mator; without which this patcher would not be possible.

  • This patcher is designed to be compatible with almost any mod - in theory - by using heuristics and rules to rename things, instead of painstakingly editing things manually and trying to forward those changes with compatibility patches.
  • The caveat to this is that the patcher can't work magic - If another mod adds entirely new keywords or item types, this script may mis-classify them - However, you can add override JSON files to tell this patcher what to do with items or keywords that it doesn't recognize. You won't need this for most mods, but it can be useful for major overhauls or mods that add entirely new item types (such as wholly new weapon types not covered by the usual kinds in Skyrim).

Known Issues:
  • JSON Overrides are currently only implemented for weapons and ingestibles. Support for overrides for other record types is on the way.

Upcoming Features/Changes:
  • ???