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This mod adds in a new set of weapons called Obsidian Weapons

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This mod adds in a new set of weapons! its obsidian weapons, In order to craft the weapons you first have to unlock the perk Obsidian Weapons in the Smithing skill tree, 

This is a recolor of the glass weapons, I dont know how to create my own custom mesh, In a future update I will add in a custom mesh

This mod is incompatible with any perk mod but In a future update I will make patches


(For now untill i figure it out) This is a manual download, The instructions are:  Download the file,  Move the Obsidian Weapons Update 4 file into your skyrim data  folder Then from there in the data folder locate the textures folder and open up the Textures folder thats in the zip file you downloaded then drop the Obsidian Weapons folder into their (Those are the textures) and you are done.