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Adds an esl that makes the Ebony Armor entries call the DX Dark Knight Files provided by DeserterX's mod 'DX Dark Knight Armor - UNP'. Shield edit included as an optional DL.

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Why go with an esl?
At first, I was gonna have the meshes replace the Ebony files, but to do that, I would require some of the mesh files from the original mod. I contemplated about how the esl method would allow me to bypass that requirement, and then it occurred to me. If I make the esl entries call the mod assets, the CBBE conversion would also be compatible, and seeing as how esl files barely contribute to mod capacity, I figured I'd go with that method.

Download the file using your favorite mod manager. If the download fails, download the file manually and have your favorite mod manager extract the files afterwards.

If you only want the armor as a replacer, I recommend also disabling the esp files that came with the original mod.

The modded armor is only available for the female body. There is no male support.