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A mod designed to enhance the unarmed combat experience in Requiem.
Unarmed perks in One-handed with skill leveling, new perks and unarmed weapons for balanced gameplay.

Permissions and credits

Unarmed Combat Enhancer (UCE)
by. Noxcrab

[ Descriptions ]

Requiem - Unarmed Combat Enhancer (UCE) is a mod for enhancing unarmed combat experience in Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul. It is intended to give viability to unarmed combat by adding new features and re-balancing existing system.
The mod associates Unarmed with One-Handed skill : Attacking with Unarmed will give One-Handed skill xp, and One-Handed perks effect Unarmed. Other One-Handed related features are also changed to work with Unarmed. For example, Stone of the Warrior effect will also increase damage with Unarmed.

UCE also adds new Cestus weapons, which are same as Unarmed but with extra boost in power. They are craftable, enchantable, provide extra damage, and give armor penetration effect for Unarmed strikes.
(They do not have mesh however as I don't have the skill for that myself)

Many other Unarmed related features are added changed to fit Requiem's balance.
For full detailed features of the mod, check the ARTICLES page.

+) Requiem - UCE Special Feats Patch patches One-handed skill tree to include all perks from both mods. Also, Armed Spellcasting perk from Special Feats will properly work with Cestus weapon: you get spell cost reduction, but instead of attack speed, you get 5/10/15% spell magnitude & duration bonus/

+) UCE Addon - Cestus and Claws is an extra addon that adds cosmetic Cestus and Claws that can be worn over your gloves or gauntlets. They can be crafted at the forge using 1 steel ingot (Cestus has two versions - Tight and Loose - to fit various hand sizes). They can also be enchanted with enchantments for hand slot (has ArmorGauntlets keyword), such as Fortify Unarmed.
* UCE Addon does not require Requiem or this mod. It is completely standalone.

[ Requirements ]

Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul, and its requirements.

[ Compatibility & Load Order ]

The mod changes & overwrites many forms. Mods that change One-Handed skill tree & perks will need patches, and mods that change Argonian Race, Skooma, etc will have minor incompatibilities.
Load after Requiem. The load order should be like below :

   Requiem - Unarmed Combat Enhancer.esp
   Requiem for the Indifferent.esp

[ Install & Uninstall ]

Simply install & uninstall using your mod manager.
New game is required to make all features apply properly.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to tell in the POST section above :)
And Please report any bugs you find!