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A tiny mod that removes the text hints during the vanilla loading screens which often contain game spoilers. Recommened to work along any Load Screen replacers mods or without them. Also makes vanilla loading screens (if they enabled) less repeated = less annoying.

Permissions and credits
Usually all loading screens mods available on Nexus providing only utmost variants: more loading screens with text hints or completely removed/overhauled loading screens, but vanilla text hints with spoilers can still pop up even on custom loading screens.

This mod eliminates text hints of vanilla loading screens.

Additional feature:
Many of you tired of same "potions" or "a thief" each time the game being loaded, so additionally this mod will fix vanilla loading screens variety (randomization).

The mod is really simple and will never harm your mod setup, so it provided as is without any support.
All languages supported, since the hints text was removed.
This mod does not contain any textures or models. Only a esp file (ESL-flagged).
If you still see some text hints then, obviously, you have some other mod in your load order which adds a loading screens with text or overrides vanilla records. Here is a small tip on removing whose hints in xEdit:

You may want to see a background fire on loading screens instead of fog, as shown on screenshots: