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A lightweight and immersive way to hide the level of locked objects.

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This is a very simple mod that makes all locked objects in the world show simply "Locked" rather than the difficulty of the lock.

 There isn't much to it really, it only changes the GMST records for names of lock levels so it should be compatible with mods that add new doors and chests and such. No scripts were touched and no SKSE requirements. This mod was created in xEdit.

Load Order:
 I recommend putting this mod below any other mods that affect locks but realistically speaking it should be fine anywhere in your load order.

Console Version:
 I don't have the consoles necessary to test if this works but it should be fine even for PS4. So if anyone would like to repost this on then feel free, just be sure to give credit where it is due (link to this page or something).