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Brings Elianora's Simple Leather Backpack in line with the Creation Club Backpacks, including names, stats, enchantments, and leveled lists. Flagged as ESL.

Permissions and credits
Requires Elianora's Simple Leather Backpack and the Adventurer's Backpack Creation!

Changes made:

- Changed naming conventions to match CC

- Changed 'All Props' version to 'Survivalist Backpack' to match CC's 'prop' backpacks

- Changed stats and values to match CC

- Swapped Elianora's carry weight enchantment for the CC's carry weight enchantment

- Gave Survivalist Backpack a unique enchantment for Carry Weight + Fortify Health by 20 points
(The original CC backpacks had one that fortified Magicka and one that fortified Stamina, but none for Health, so this fills an existing gap)

- Injected the backpacks to the CC's leveled lists so that they'll naturally appear in stores and random containers


None of these changes apply to the unenchanted versions, nor are they added to the leveled lists. None of the crafting recipes for any of the backpacks have been altered.