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This mod adds the Triple Triad card game to Skyrim. 111 cards to find with 27 unique character cards.

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One of my favorite mini games of all time is Triple Triad from the Final Fantasy game series and this is my attempt to bring it to Skyrim. There are 111 cards to find, 27 of which are unique character cards. All assets are original, modders resources or have the creative commons license. See the Credits section for more details.

Getting Started
To play Triple Triad, you need a Triple Triad board in your inventory and at least 5 cards in your cards chest. To get the board you can buy one from a general merchant. To get cards, you can buy a card pack from a general merchant, find them in enemy loot, or win them from playing the game. To view your cards chest, click on the Triple Triad board in your inventory under the Misc section. To use a card pack, click on it in your inventory, a new menu will pop up with 4 to 5 cards. Take the ones you want, or all of them. Warning, if you don't take all of them, the ones you don't take will disappear and can't be retrieved again. By default, any cards you receive are automatically transferred to your cards chest, but this can be turned off in the config menu. Only cards in your cards chest are used when playing Triple Triad.

To open the config menu, buy a Triple Triad Info book from a general merchant and read it.

Triple Triad is very popular and almost anyone in Skyrim will play you, as long as they're not hostile towards you. The cards they use are based on their level, so higher level NPC's will have better cards. The Triple Triad dialogue won't show up if: 
1. You don't have a Triple Triad board in your inventory.
2. You have less than 5 cards in your cards chest.
3. You are outside and it's raining or snowing.
4. The NPC is hostile towards you.
5. They are currently offering services, so merchants on the clock won't play.

As of Version 1.1 I also added a spell called Toggle Triple Triad Dialogue which will allow you to turn the dialogue option off for specific NPC's.

For those unfamiliar with Triple Triad, here are the rules. These are all explained in the Triple Triad Info book in game as well, which is also where you can set your preferred rules.

Basic Rules:
Players place cards on the board alternately until no spots are left. To place a card, click on one from your hand on the left, then click a position on the board. There are 4 numbers per card. Each number represents a side of the card. When placing a card, if a number is greater than its opposing number, then the card is flipped. In the example below, the card to the right will be flipped but the card to the bottom will not. The winner is whoever holds the most cards by the end of the game. Cards left in your hand count towards the final score.

If two or more side's numbers are equal to their opposing numbers, then those cards are flipped. In the example below, 1 = 1 and 4 = 4 so both of the orange cards will be flipped.

If the sum of one side and its opposing number is equal to the sum of another side and its opposing number, the cards are flipped. In the example below 1 plus 8 = 9. 3 plus 6 = 9.  9 = 9 so both of the orange cards will be flipped.

If cards are flipped with the Same or Plus rules, they will act as if they were newly placed and will flip cards around them. Only the basic greater than rule applies for these.

Coin Toss:
If enabled, each player gets one coin toss per game. The coin will land on a random board spot. If there's a card on that spot, it will be flipped, whether it's yours or your opponents. The flipped card will flip other cards around it with the basic greater than rule. This also counts as your turn. 

If this rule is active, you don't pick your cards, rather 5 cards will be chosen randomly from your deck at the start of the game. 

If this rule is active, you can see your opponent's hand.

Trade Rules: 
One Card: Winner takes one of the losers cards. 

Difference: The amount of cards the winner takes from the loser is equal to the difference in score. So if the score is 6 to 4, the winner takes 2 cards. 

Direct: The cards on the board that are your color you take, you lose any orange cards that are your opponents. 

All: Winner takes all of the losers cards. 

Hold Location Rules:
If enabled, the rules for Triple Triad are dependent on which Hold you're in. If you are Thane of that Hold, or a hold is not detected, your preferred rules are used. If disabled, your preferred rules are always used.

Auto Transfer:
If enabled, any card you receive, either from a card pack, enemy loot or rewards will automatically be placed in your cards chest. If disabled, you have to manually place cards in your chest to use them in game. 

As I said before there are 111 cards total. 27 are unique character cards. To get most of the unique ones, you have to play that character to get their card, but there are a few exceptions. A few cards will be given to you as a reward if you defeat certain enemies.   A few cards will start showing up in higher level opponent's hands when playing Triple Triad after you defeat them or complete their quests. 

Also in version 1-1, if you've already done the quest for the NPC, like Sheogorath, or the NPC is dead, their cards will start showing up in higher level NPC's hands when playing so you can still get their cards.

As of version 1-1 you also get a book called Triple Triad Cards which shows which cards you have and which cards you have yet to find. A blank [  ] means you haven't found the card yet. [X] means you have the card. [-] Means you had the card at one point, but lost it. It only shows for which cards are in your cards chest, not in your inventory.

Details: don't click if you don't want to be spoiled. 

A note to mod authors:  In version 1.6 I added the framework to add more cards to the Triple Triad system with a separate ESP. You can download a tutorial on how in Optional Files.

Faelan the Card Trader
In version 2.0 I added an NPC, Faelan, and his bodyguard Karlak. Faelan will trade you powerful potions, scrolls, rare ingredients and some spells for tier 8 cards or higher. So, if the card has a value of 80 gold or more, he will trade. He will also trade you a unique gunblade weapon (from FFVIII) for either the Dragonborn or Alduin cards. To fire the gunblade, use a power attack. You also need at least one gunblade bullet (misc item) in your inventory for it to fire. You can craft more of them at a forge with fire salts and a dwarven metal ingot after recieving the gunblade. There's also a chance he may offer you a second gunblade for a tier 10 card so you can duel wield them. The gunblade meshes and textures come from this mod, used with permission. Go download and endorse it if you like the gunblade!

To find Faelan, first you need at least 20 cards in your cards chest, and at least 5 of them have to be unique cards. Then the courier will find you and deliver Faelan's Note. Read the note to start the miscellaneous quest to find Faelan, (a quest marker will be marked on your map.) If you don't see the quest marker it's because he's in another world space than you are in, such as Solstheim. After meeting Faelan, there will also be a miscellaneous quest objective added so you can find him again when you need to. He travels to random Inns around every 1 to 2 weeks.

Faelan will also give a radiant quest to retrieve cards from random NPC's. To get the cards from them, there will be dialogue options to intimidate, persuade or bribe. You can also play them in Triple Triad to get the card, if the dialogue option is available. You can also pickpocket them, or take it off their dead body. 

Faelan is voiced by RavegedPyro

This mod adds stuff to leveled lists, but it does so with a script when you first install the mod, so there shouldn't be any compatibility issues.
This mod is not compatible with Skyrim Souls which unpauses the game during menus. Specifically the container and gift menus.

The Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC's

Extract to your data folder and check in your load order.

If Updating to version 1.2 or higher
The Triple Triad Board and Card packs are now Light/Torch items instead of Misc items. This is so you can favorite the board and don't get the "Can't equip this item" message. If you already have a board in your inventory, it will automatically be replaced with the Light/Torch board. If you don't already have one, it's possible a merchant could still have the Misc board which won't work anymore. To aviod this, make sure you have a Triple Triad Board in you inventory before installing the update.

All of the assets I used here are either modders resources or have the creative commons license.
You are free to use the assets as long as you:
1: Do not charge money for your project or put it behind a pay wall.
2: You credit myself AND the appropriate party who made the original asset listed below.
3: Don't just take the whole mod and claim it as your own.

The only exceptions are the gunblade meshes and textures, which you will have to ask Squall82 for permission to use.

To Square Co., Ltd. for the original Triple Triad game concept

To Bethesda for creating Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls series.

To Adventurer1111 for helping me take screenshots to use for the cards and inspiring me to actually make the mod.

Meshes / Textures:

To InsanitySorrow 
For the cards I used InsanitySorrow's Collectible Cards as a base and then edited and added textures:

For the board frame I used InsanitySorrow's Chessboard Resource

To Squall82 for the gunblade meshes and textures:

For the board I used this paper texture:

Faelan is voiced by RavegedPyro:

All of the music comes from:
Tracks used:
Blacksmith by Alexander Nakarada
Celebration by Alexander Nakarada
Mjolnir by Alexander Nakarada 
Now We Feast  by Alexander Nakarada 

Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

Sound FX:
342242__inspectorj__coin-flipping-a by InspectorJ ( of
Card Flip by f4ngy at
Magic Missile by Spookymodem at 
Gun click by KlawyKogut 
Gun cock by Dredile
Gun shot by FilmmakersManual

Tools used
The Creation Kit
Skyrim Script Compilier Pro: 
Yakitori Audio Converter:
Lazy Voice Finder: 
Outfit Studio:
Bulk Rename Utility: