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Player is awarded Half-Moon Mill as a home after completing a mini-quest.

Permissions and credits
After walking into the Dead Man's Drink a stranger asks for your help. Someone close to him ends up missing and he wants you to find out what happened. Complete the quest and the Half-Moon Mill with its coveted scenic landscape is yours for the taking. 

1. Speak to Rongise at the Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath. He'll give you your quest.
2. Head off to Half-Moon Mill.
3. Kill the vampires.
Note: The mod is currently coded to only require the death of the custom vampire. You CAN allow Hert and/or Hern to live. In a future iteration I may make Hert sleep out in the food shack for those who want to keep her around but not sleeping in the house bed. 
4. Report back to Rongise.
5. Get the deed.
Note: Alternately, a thief player can steal the deed at any moment.

Mod made as a special request for user: algol75686
There are no additional changes made to the area. Everything is "as-is". If you want new furnishings or the area cleaned up then you can request to be added as a moderator to upload a separate version. No separate patches or modifications please. 

Dark Brotherhood: No, it does not break Dark Brotherhood quests. Hern is scripted (by Bethesda) to be detected by the DB as dead so you can still claim the reward for killing him before the contract quest starts.

Falkreath: Killing Hert results in losing one quest option for Falkreath thaneship (selling lumber), cutting lumber for free, and lumber access to build the Falkreath homestead. These are all vanilla consequences regardless if you use this mod. 

Other Half-moon custom mods: I don't have a clue. I didn't test them. The only thing altered in HM by this mod is adding a keyword and fixing ownership of the bed (that also exists in USLeep). This mod would/should be compatible with just about any.

1. Type "Set HMPH_InstallVersion to 0".
2. Do a manual save and reload the save.
3. Wait until you see a new save auto-created by the mod.
4. Exit the game and disable the mod.