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Adds a nordic dungeon to the existing exterior location of Arcwind Point.

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As someone who is still hanging around on the modding pages a decade after the release of Skyrim, you are most likely one of those (like us) who knows Skyrim like the back of their hand and thus have explored every inch of the map over and over again.
So we bet you are familiar with the nordic ruin called "Arcwind Point" at the very edge of the map south-west in the province of the Rift! (If not, have a look over at images...)

We felt like Arcwind Point lacked a dungeon that leads down from the mountains. The three possibilities the player had so far to get back down into the woods of the Rift were fast travelling, going back the same (lame) way they came or being shouted down the mountain by a draugr boss (which most likely ended in death)!

Now you can finally enter the dungeon beneath Arcwind Point and fight your way through it (in around half an hour).

The dungeon is carefully handcrafted and detailed and is meant to be a lore-friendly expansion to the game that just fits right into the vanilla content -- and just works!

We tested the mod for bugs before uploading but our eyes might have been blind to some, so (if you should notice any), please report them to us via the bugs section and we'll fix them as soon as possible!

Neldor 258