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Get zangetsu swords, and the power to transform into Ichigo's second hollow form!

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This mod is combination of two mods, 'Bleach- Ichigos Vasto Lorde Transformation' and 'Bleach Zangetsu ALL Forms' that were originally made by 'BattleyaxStudios'. i gathered and ported them to work in Skyrim SE.

1. Bleach- Ichigos Vasto Lorde Transformation:
This mod will allow you to transform into Ichigo's Vasto Lorde form. When you transform it will play an animation if you have your weapon
sheathed. While transformed you will be much stronger, but suffer a
constant drain on your magic then your stamina, once you run out of
stamina you will turn back to normal. While transformed You will get a
cero spell, It is a voice power. If you want to transform back without
waiting for your stamina to drain, you will also receive a Revert form
spell that will turn you back to normal.

This mod may be a little over or under powered, so I am including a few different
transformations of varying power, so you can choose based on your mods
and play-style. The different spells will range from novice to master
then ultra, and then "OP" for those who just want to feel godlike.

This mod includes custom sound effects, textures, and a hand sculpted mesh
that roughly matches the original body poly count, so you should not
experience any performance issues with it.

To get the spells, buy them from Belethor in Belethor's General Goods in Whiterun.

To properly play as Vasto Lorde, you should have Zangetsu :P

Drag all the files and the esp Files in your data folder
check the esp in the Skyrim launcher

***Make sure you have a save where you are not transformed!***
Delete all of the included files.

If you use the mod Crimson Tide You will get VERY bloody.

If you run into any problems, make sure you have the latest version of
Skyrim and my mod, then tell me, and I will try to fix it immediately.

If you want to use any of my meshes you must ask me first.

Number one, I would like to thank BlackRorono, Without him, this mod would not
at all be possible, I just made the model, He skinned it, put it into
the game, and wrote the transformation script for me.
BlackRorono does some cool mods, here is a link to his YouTube channel.
I would also like to thank Gyn, creator of the Naruto Anime Overhaul for helping me with some scripting and conceptual ideas.
Here is his mod
And I would like to thank my brother for doing the bulk of the scripting... he is one awesome panda :)

2. Bleach Zangetsu ALL Forms:
The four forms of Zangetsu, Ichigo's Zanpakuto. The swords stats are In between Dwarven and Daedric, but you can upgrade them through the forge
to fit your playstyle.

If you have the Final Tensa Zangetsu mod, be sure to uninstall it, or at least uncheck the esp.

All swords are craftable.

The (Legendary) Final Tensa Zangetsu requires the arcane smithing perk.
In most cases any required soul gems must be filled.

Base form and ShiKai - Steel
Bankai and final Bankai - Ebony

The upgrading of the swords is through the forge, not the grindstone,

Future plans, A Shikai-Bankai transformation, and further in the future, Bleach armor\clothing mod

For anyone who isn't a bleach fan, That Isn't a swastika, its a kanji on the sword meaning "ban" or many.

To re-use one of my meshes, you must get my permision.

have fun:P

Thank you Bethesda and Tite Kubo. And people who supported my first mod.

(If you think you can script a non-intrusive Shikai\Bankai mod, and want to help please pm me)