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Explore the epic province of Skyrim through the eyes of the long forgotten hero of solitude Batman or better known as the dark Knight. The mod plans too take players through the city of solitude as they complete through multiple hours of batman themed quests with fully voiced npcs new areas to explore and new armor along with a player home.

Permissions and credits
First off I would like to say this mod comes from another mod called The Batcave Reborn which was originally created by the very talented mod author rotten-to-the-core or arkham on bethesda net. He gave me fully permission too take over the mod so do to popular request this is becoming a fully voiced quest mod. If you would like to help in any way or just have questions please feel free to pm me or join our sub reddit or discord sever for more  info.https://www.reddit.com/r/TheDarkKnightReborn/  https://discord.gg/py93Apxeks Thank for any help in advance. Also keep in mind if you download the mod you should only have the original mod right now with maybe a few minor additions. 

In the short but long forgotten past of solitude there use to be a Dark Knight, that would watch over the city of solitude and defend it against the other creatures of the night as its protector and hero. This heroes might was so strong that even the mighty thalmor were afraid of him. Fast forward a few years later and now dragons have appeared and the dragonborn has saved nirn but can the dragonborn save a all but forgotten legacy of this mysterious warrior?

The Dark Knight Reborn is a expansive skyrim lore friendly batman themed quest mod, That will take you all over the city of solitude and even a little bit outside of solitude giving you new amour weapons journals to read along with a new player home to love and explore. This mod should provide several hours of fun and entertainment along with a pretty straight forward main quest line and a few side quests as well. This mod will require some basic detective skills a lot of sneaking and a lot of player choice. Through the quest you should meet some familiar faces with a more lore friendly names from the batman mythos such as Mr. Freeze joker Alfred Bruce Wayne and the Riddler along with mentions of  dick Greyson. You will also get to experience a all new soundtrack based upon batman the animated series but with a Skyrim feel to it. This mod aims to take everything you love about batman and give it a elder scrolls tone and feel to it.

  • A brand new Batman themed main quest stretched along hours of gameplay. 
  • Along with several Easter eggs and lore to get you fully immersed in this epic batman adventure your about to partake in. 
  • Batman and robin suits of your own along with  other lore friendly weapons armors and items from the batman mythos.
  • A brand new player home waynewright manor to call your very own!
  • Popular characters from the batman mythos appearing in this amazing world of the elder scrolls.

  • So as promised the original mod has been finally uploaded to Xbox so just search up the The Dark Knight reborn and the mod should be found let me know if there is any bugs 

  • Install anyway you like if there is any problems please do let me know.
  • After this is installed no level requirement needed just find the manor literally right next to solitude and begin playing. 

  • Rotten to the core/arkham as he was the original creator of the original mod .
  • big shout out too  john asla rona for the concept art of the main batman suit. 
  • Big shout out too Comicbookguy54321 on deviant for making the original concept for both the robin suit and the other batman suit if at anytime they want those removed I will remove it at once.