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Adds the ability to become werebeasts from the Elder Scrolls lore

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Growl -Werebeasts of Tamriel

Curse of Hircine - Bloodlines

This mod adds the abilty to become a wrebest from the Lore of the Elder Scrolls. In elsweyr you have the Werelion.the Forests of Valenwood has the Werevulture. The Isle of Solstheim has Werebears. The Swamps of Blackmarsh host the Werecroc. The lands of Orsinium, Hammerfell and High Rock are home to the Wereboar. Finally the oceans are rumored to be home to the rare Wereshark.

- Wereshark -
A Shipwreck near Dawnstar has a Wereshark that once killed you can harvest a bottle of Beast Blood.

- Wereboar -
Find the Old Orc and give him a good death to obtain the Blood of the Wereboar.

- WereVulture -
Faendal in Riverwood holds onto the Blood of the Werevulture.

- WereLion -
Return Kharjo his moon Amulet and he will have a Bottle of Werelion Blood to Trade you.

- WereCroc -
Derkeethus of Darkwater Crossing Has the Blood of the WereCroc once you rescue him from the Falmer.

- WereDaedroth -
the Only WereDaedroth blood is on the table by Sheogorath during his Daedric Quest for the Wabbajack. you only get one chance.

- Werebear -
Found on the Werebears

- Werewolf -
Can be either aquired from the companions, as loot from enemy werewolves or from the Death of Sinding During the Daedric Quest for Hircine.