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This is a utility that will automatically detect plugins that are suitable to be flagged as ESL (allowing you to surpass the 256 plugin limit).
This utility was made with simplicity in mind so that users can simply run the program and follow a few prompts.

Permissions and credits
Ruddy88's ESLify
An automatic utility for flagging appropriate ESLs with little user input required

Ver 0.1 - Initial upload
Ver 0.2 - Fix for Error on line 91. Removed blacklist feature, unneccessary. Added Revert option if a LOG exists of previously modified files.

Ver 1.0 - No change. Feedback and tests have confirmed this mod is working as intended and as such is changing to version 1.0 to signify that it is now full release and sufficiently tested by the community.

What is it?
This is essentially an XEdit script that looks for suitable ESL flag candidates, displays said candidates in a selection window, then applies the ESL flags based on your selection.
This saves time, requires no knowledge of XEdits interface, and maintains a level of control by allowing you to deselect plugins that you don't want flagged.
NOTE: VORTEX and WRYE already have simple methods for doing this, but MO2 do not, and would normally need to add command switches and run scripts manually. This utility should work on all platforms and simply offers convenience and a safer way to make changes.
As fo VER 0.2 I have added a REVERT feature. This simply unflags all plugins that were flagged in the last run (as listed in the generated LOG file).

Why do I need this?
Well, by flagging appropriate plugins as ESL you can fit more mods in your game without having to merge because ESL flagged plugins don't count towards your plugin limit. There are a number of ways of adding ESL flags, most of these involve running scripts or command switches on XEdit, then adding filters, then manually editing file headers (Vortex and Wrye offer simpler methods but MO2 does not). There are other utilities around that make some of this easier but most still require some level of XEdit knowledge and most don't maintain control of what mods it can apply to.

How do I use it?
I've tried to make it as simple as possible for users.
EDIT: GamerPoet's was kind enough to make this amazing video covering installation and usage. 
Text instructions will remain below.

Please also note, that if you have both FO4 and SSE, you only need one copy of ESLify if you use the same XEdit installation for both games. 
It does not matter what the XEdit executable is named, the script will run whether its SSEEdit.exe, FO4Edit.exe, or XEdit.exe.
You DO need to have your mod manager loaded in the correct game though.

This utility uses XEdit's -PseudoESL switch to detect suitable plugins, with some additional controls done by my script (skips ESM flagged mods).
It is fairly safe to flag any mods that the utility displays, but as always there is exceptions.
The rare cases that ESL flagging should be skipped, are when a mod uses hardcoded formids.
Below is a list of plugins that should be skipped, despite showing as suitable by the utility.
An updated version of ESLify is being worked on that will automatically blacklist these plugins as they become known, in the meantime, be sure to deselect these mods from my utilities selection window (do not deselect them from the initial XEdit plugin selection window).

First up, follow the installation section below.
Once installed, you will need to add the R88_ESLify.bat to your MO2 tools (or whichever mod manager you are using).
Now simply run the bat from your mod manager.
A CMD window will appear and will check if all files are installed correctly. 
If you receive any errors here, then it is likely that you havent installed the mod files to the correct location.
You will be asked which game you are running the utility on, simply type SSE or FO4 and hit enter, then hit any key when prompted.
XEdit will now launch with the appropriate settings and switches.
Press OK when the "Module Selection" window appears (this is XEdit's plugin selection, pressing OK will load the program with your currently active plugins).
Once it has finished loading, the script will run.
If this is the first time running the utility, a plugin selection window will appear. All of the shown plugins are deemed safe to flag as ESL as per XEdits pseudoESL rules. you can simply press OK to continue or deselect any plugins that you want to skip.
Thats it, close the program and all changes will be saved automatically.
A LOG file is generated each time you successfully patch files, it is stored in DATA/ESLify/ESLify_Log.txt.

If you have run the utility and a LOG file exists with filenames in it, then when you run the utility you will be asked if you wish to revert.
Simply hit REVERT if you want to undo the changes from the LAST run. It will remove the ESL flag from the list of filenames in the LOG file that was generated on your last session. If you do not wish to revert, simply hit CONTINUE and you will be taken to the plugin selection to continue as normal.
NOTE: If you continue and flag ESLs the previous LOG file will be overwritten and any filenames previously stored will be overwritten, meaning if you wish to later undo changes from a previous run you will have to do so manually as only the fplugins that were modified on the last successful run will be saved.
Upon reverting, the LOG file will be cleared and saved as an empty file.

XEdit is required.
Simply download my mod and extract the contents to your XEdit installation.
NOTE: XEdit can be named as XEdit.exe / SSEEdit.exe / FO4Edit.exe without any issues.

The BAT file MUST stay in the same folder as your XEdit executable.
To run the program, simply add the BAT file to your mod manager as a tool and run it, then follow the prompts.
(Read the above "How does it work?" section for more information)