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Animation replacer for female idle, walk and run.

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Superseded by Leviathan Animations II - Female Idle Walk And Run


This is a wip animation mod which currently consists of :
-30 seconds long idle cycle that evolves from a tense poise to a relatively relaxed one.
-Forward and side directions for walk.
-Forward and side directions for run.

The aim of these animations is to give the female character a more intimidating and battle ready sense while out of combat.

Preview of version 1.4

Preview of version 1.2 No clenched fists variant :

Preview of version 1.0 :


  • None if using the main file version.
  • Conditional Armor Type Animations if using the CATA Addon version. This will make the player character and the NPCs play this mod's animations when mostly wearing heavy armor.


  • For non "Conditional Armor Type Animations" Users only: To make the animations apply only to the player character, you can use Dynamic Animation Replacer and drop the animation files in the following (DAR PCEA) folder structure: data\Meshes\actors\character\animations\DynamicAnimationReplacer\Skyrim.esm\00000007\female

Known issues

  • May experience a sharp camera transition when switching to/from sneak.


  • Use any mod manager or manually copy the content from this mod's 'Data' into your Skyrim SE 'Data' folder

Legendary Edition Version


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