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Spells Emit Light while being held in your hand.

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Spells Emit Light

Spells will now Emit Light while being held in your hand.

I'm lazy and I get tired of constantly changing to a torch or recasting Candlelight over and over just to see.  I think it's more immersive that my fire spell in my hand should produce enough light to see my surroundings.  So I made "Bright Spells" (Never Uploaded to Nexus, but Popular on Steam) ...

Now I am playing a hard core spell-caster and I missed having "Bright Spells", so here it is in the new Special Edition.

  • Spells Emit Light only modifies the In-Hand Magic Light effect.
  • It does NOT alter any spells.
  • Compatible with mods that adjust existing spells.
  • Compatible with mods that add new spells using default Magic Light effects.
  • Not compatible with mods that adjust Magic Light effects (none exist for SSE at the time of this release that I am aware of)
  • Mods that adjust lighting should work, just put S.E.L. after other lighting mods in your load order.

Q: Does the light cast shadows?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there a version that doesn't cast shadows?
A: No.  The way the engine works requires casting shadows for any light to emit in the game-world.  Otherwise only the character holding the spell will receive the light.  I don't know why, I didn't code the engine.

Q: Does the color change according to the spell?
A: Yes. The light color is unchanged, only made brighter. This means each spells color is intact. (Fire will glow yellow, Frost will glow blue, and so on)

Q: It's too bright / It's too dim can it be changed?
A: There are 3 Levels of brightness.  No scripts are changed so it is completely safe to remove, install, change at any time during a play-through.

Known Issues
Some areas in some dungeons cause the light to not turn on.  If you go in while a spell is equipped, it stays lit.  If you change spells in these areas, the new light will not turn on until you enter a part of the dungeon that doesn't mess with the light.  I have no idea why.  This is only an SE (Special Edition) problem, it does not occur in the original Skyrim.  I'm open to ideas, suggestions, anything to get it fixed if it's even possible to fix.