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Just a small portable home located inside a dwemer cube.

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  • Polish

This mod is a remake of the original Dwemer Storage Cube - A Portable Home by

    What this mod add?

    So... I had some lights and effects to the original mod. But that's not all.

    •  A custom stair to acces to the first floor ( alchemy lab, arcane enchanter, bed, bookshelves are now here)
    •  3 Mannequin ( 1 on ground level, 2 on first floor)
    •  5 Weapon Plaque Displays ( 2 on ground level, 3 on first floor)
    •  7 Weapon Racks ( 1 on ground level, 6 on first floor)
    •  1 Dagger Display ( on ground level )
    •  A custom forge

    There is also some dwemer details to make the place a little more fulfilled.

    You can also upgrade your YsCordelan version of your cube by changing the name of the files  Dwemer Storage Cube.esp and Dwemer Storage Cube.bsa (not sure if it's work for the pre-stocked version), the pre-stocked version upgrade works, you just have to rename your .esp and .bsa to "Dwemer Storage Cube - Fully Stocked".

    If you upgrade your mod and if using Ordinator perk mod, disassemble your upgraded crafting tables before installation.

    V 1.04.1:

     There is now  3 Weapon Plaque Displays and 2 Weapon and Shield Plaque Displays. Some models have changed too.

This mod provides a portable home located inside of a Dwemer cube. Simply activate the cube in your inventory to enter or
exit. The design is fairly spartan; I've tried to include all the
necessary amenities without any excessive clutter.


  • Full set of vanilla crafting stations:
    • Alchemy Lab, Arcane Enchanter, Cooking Pot, Tanning Rack, Grinding Wheel, Workbench, Anvil, Smelter
  • Named storage containers:
    • Alchemy Supplies, Enchanting Supplies, Smithing Supplies, One-Handed Weapons,
      Two-Handed Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Clothing, Jewelry, Staves, Scrolls, Potions, Food, Books, Notes & Journals, Recipes, Unique Items, Miscellaneous
  • A non-designated container for all your packrat needs
  • Two bookshelves with room to display 78 books 72 books
  • A stone bed (it's more comfortable than it looks) A new bed is on the 1rst floor
  • A special shrine which will cure diseases and grant a small smithing bonus

Where to Find
(check the original file for screenshots)

If using the regular version, the cube will be sitting next to a column in
the Temple of Xrib, which is accessed through the Sightless Pit,
northwest of the Shrine of Azura. See the screenshots for details. If
using the pre-stocked version, the cube will simply appear in your
inventory when you first load the game with the mod installed.

If you lose the cube (or just want it right away), it is perfectly safe to spawn additional cubes using the console. Type  help "a dwemer storage cube" to get the ID. No matter how many you spawn, they will all take you to the same place.


Just extract the contents of the archive into your Skyrim data folder, or
use your mod manager of choice. This mod is safe to install


This mod should be compatible with just about everything. The only possible
conflicts would be with mods that edit the spot in the Temple of Xrib
where the cube is located.


TO BE CLEAR: This mod cannot be used for paid projects/mods as the resulting work couldn't be released under the same licence.