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Just a small addon I made for Ordinator's Perks to be used by most actors.

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I made this preset for personal use. After fiddling with it for quite some time, I thought maybe other users would appreciate this addon as well. :3

What it does:

(Main) Regular:

  • Condition: There are 4 conditions for actors to check - Keywords NPC and Undead as well as 5 classes to cover falmer and Attronach races. This should cover the majority of actors available that would benefit from perks.
  • Condition: Perks will ONLY be distributed when the actor reaches a certain skill level - just like the player does.
  • Chance: The ACTUAL chance of perks being distributed is 10/25/50/75/100 % for each perk once the above conditions are met
  • Exclusions: I excluded many perks marked by Enai to not be distributed to NPCs, either due to balancing or functionality reasons, if you like to add those to your game install version 2, otherwise stick with V1.

(Main) No followers:
  • Same as the regular version with the exception that followers are excluded which is done by checking for the "PotentialFollowerFaction" and/or the "CurrentFollowerFaction".

(Optional) Followers Only:
  • The skill requirements stay the same as in the regular version, but only actors in the "PotentialFollowerFaction" and/or the "CurrentFollowerFaction" will be included as well as them having a guaranteed distribution once their skill level is met.

  • Just extract the .rar file anywhere and pick ONE of the two "regular" folders (the first includes all the actors - the second excludes followers) and drop the "Ordinator_DISTR.ini" file into your data folder, like a normal plugin. (Where your Ordinator.esp is located) Optionally you may also install the "followers only" version which ONLY impacts followers.
  • Installation/uninstallation/Updating can be done at any point mid-play due to the way SPID works.

Known Issues:
  • Nether's Follower Framework does not show the perks, but they are there - same is true with other mod added perks.

List of perks to be distributed and their level: