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A simple port of the lovely White River Priory by ClefJ and "Monks of the Priory" addon by jknjb. Oblivion-style Priory near Riverwood with 6 resident monks.

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A simple port of the lovely White River Priory by ClefJ and "Monks of the Priory" addon by jknjb to Special Edition. Adds an Oblivion-style Priory near Riverwood, with 6 resident monks. Can serve as a player home.

skyfall515 has ported a merged version of White River Priory and the Monks addon to for Xbox users, which you can get here:

Update: I've added a merged version of the mod! You can now use White River Priory and the Monks of the Priory addon as a single ESP. Or not — the original files are still available. Check the Main Files tab for the merged version.

Here's the original mod description:


Both ClefJ and jknjb have given open upload, conversion, and modification permissions. (Refer to the original mod page for details.) However, if either of them want their work taken down, I'll of course comply immediately. I hope that goes without saying. Big "thank you" to both of them! If you like the mod, please go endorse it on the original page.

I used this mod in LE in like 2016 and got reminded of it when my wife mentioned that she wished there were more temples and chapels in Skyrim. This mod looked simple enough, so I spent last night learning the various tools and tried my hand. And I think I've gotten it right. But this is the first time I've ported a Skyrim LE mod to Skyrim SE and its the first file I've ever uploaded to the Nexus. My only modding experience before last night was using xEdit to make little patches for my own use. So, umm. Please be nice! (Or don't. That's fine, too. It's the internet.)

So, here's what I've done: Converted the ESPs to form 44 with the Creation Kit, NIF-optimised the meshes with NIF Optimizer, cleaned the plugins with xEdit Quick Auto Clean, used Wrye Bash to flag [White River Priory 1.2.esp] as an ESM, which was necessary to make the [jknjbClefJWhiteRiverPrioryPriests.esp] "patch" load properly (it's a regular ESP now), and extensively play-tested the mod for like 20 minutes in my game. Long enough to recruit Sven from Riverwood as a fellow priory initiate, introduce the two of us to our new brothers and sisters of the faith, steal the Amulet of Kings from Jauffre's secret room, and take some screenshots. I haven't added or attempted to "fix" anything about the mod aside from this. So far, "It just works."

A few potential (non-)issues I've noticed:
  • The NPC monks go about their schedules as intended but seem to have trouble navigating some parts of the chapel and courtyard. But they end up where they're supposed to be, given enough time, and I'm honestly too lazy to fiddle with navmesh. Sorry.
  • Followers, likewise, can navigate the cells, but seem to get a bit confused from time to time.
  • All the activators work as intended.
  • There's some minor clipping with grass and trees along the exterior of the priory house. Maybe I'll "fix" this later in the CK but tbh I really don't feel like it. Again, sorry.

I'm not planning to port the Alternate Start addon, because I wouldn't personally use it. Sorry about that. Maybe I'll port it later.

Please report any bugs and I'll do what I can. If anyone wants to take this port and modify it, fix it, reupload it, etc. — the mod authors have given open permissions and this isn't my own original work, so I encourage others to try, especially if you have a solid grasp on modding. The only reason I uploaded this myself is that, so far, no one else has.

Compatibility Notes
  • Mods that edit the same cells are probably incompatible. Landscape changes, new buildings, and etc. might bury parts of the buildings, leave them floating, break the navmeshes the NPCs rely on, and so on. Please use common sense.
  • Legend of the Eagle's Nest makes landscape changes to the same cells but has been reported compatible. Load the White River Priory plugin(s) AFTER Legend of the Eagle's Nest.
  • Mods that change tree models or hand-place trees and other plants might cause plants to clip with the buildings but should technically be compatible in most cases. (For example, the trees in 3D Trees clip with the priory.) Grass mods might have similar compatibility issues. (My screenshots are taken with Skyrim Flora Overhaul - Trees Only, with some of the more obtrusive trees disabled via the console.)
  • Mods like ELFX that darken interiors might make it difficult to see inside as there aren't many light sources in some areas. (The screenshots I've provided feature RLO and Vivid Weathers.)
  • Should be compatible with mods that expand Whiterun and/or Riverwood, unless it's the sort of mod that turns the entire tundra into a sprawling megacity. Likewise, nearby player homes will be compatible, provided they're not placed in the same spot. (Personally I use Elianora's Vuoksi cabin without issue.)
  • Custom followers and follower managers (for example, Nether's Follower Framework) are compatible.
  • Immersive Patrols is compatible.
  • Lanterns of Skyrim II is compatible.