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Dragonborn - Shouts Perk Tree is a standalone perk tree designed to be paired with Forceful Tongue - Shouts Overhaul, but doesn’t require it.

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Who the Stormcrown was waiting for, Ysmir the Dragon of the North. Master your Thu'um to become the most powerful Tongue Tamriel has known.

  • Completing “The Way of the Voice'' quest allows you to gain experience in a new skill, Dragonborn. Experience can be acquired by shouting and killing Dragons. Using shouts in combat gives you more experience, the same happens if you use stronger Words.
  • A set of new perks, unlockable through the “Ysmir Meditation” power. It is available after the completition of “The Way of the Voice” quest.
  • Better Dragonslayer’s Blessing and Dragon Infusion.


Dragon Blood (10): You gain experience by killing Dragons.
Way of the Voice (30): Your Shout cooldown is reduced by 25%.

Inhale (20): Your Shout damage is increased by 25%.
Deep Breath (40): Your Shouts deal extra 25% damage to targets who have full Health.
Punishment Exhalation (60): Your Shouts deal extra 25% damage to targets who are power attacking, drawing a bow or casting a spell.
Storm Voice (80): Your Shouts have a 50% chance to deal double damage.
Al Du In (100): Your Shouts have a 50% chance to kill targets when they fall below half Health.

Reactive Soul (20): Your Shouts are 25% more effective when you fall below 50% Health.
Hardened Armor (40): You take 25% less damage while your Shouts are on cooldown.
Dragonguards' Heritage (60): Your Shouts are 25% more effective on Dragons.
The Tongue (80): Your Shouts stagger nearby targets.
Paar Thur Nax (100): Your first three Shouts used in combat have no cooldown.

  • Drain Vitality, Ice Form and Marked for Death are excluded from Inhale, Deep Breath, Punishment Exhalation and Storm Voice.
  • Only 10 perk points are obtainable through leveling. To obtain the last two perk points, you need to complete "Alduin's Bane" and "Dragonslayer" quests.
  • The more Shouts you master, the more experience you gain.

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