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A small Plugin that allows you to enter the College of Winterhold without the need to start the Mage Guild Questline.

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As someone who never really uses any spells in this game it always bothered me that i can't even enter the college without starting the questline which eventually turns me into an archmage who is only capable of enlighting a torch. This mod aims at providing an immersive way to get into the college without getting forced into the questline. So if your sneaky stealth archer or brutal battle axe wielding berserker is not into magics and just wants to know where the elder scroll is this might be for you.

So how does this actually work:
After approaching Faralda in order to enter the college you'll have to convice her, as usual, by showing your tricks and this will already complete the quest "First Lessons".  Then she will guide you over the bridge, also as usual, and you can enter the college without any mage guild quest in your log.
For the purpose of this mod i renamed the quest "First Lessons" into "Access To The College".

The good thing is: This doesn't stop you from comming back later and start the Mage Guild Quest if you want to do so. Just talk to Mirabelle for a tour through the college or go into Tolfdir's lesson directly in order to start "Under Saarthal".

So in the end this just makes to whole questline feel more optional and not so forced up on you.

The .esp is ESL flagged.

A german version is available under optional files.


Use your mod manager to install.


This Mod is compatible (Tested ingame and in SSEEdit) with the following mods:
Obscure's College of Winterhold by SomethingObscure
Magical College of Winterhold by Sable17
Immersive College of Winterhold by Grantyboy050
and any other cosmetic overhaul of Winterhold as long as the Quests remain untouched.

I also provided a version that is compatible with Not So Fast - Mage Guild by CDCooley
You can find this version under optional files. Make sure to load it after CDCooley's mod.

The xEdit-Team for SSEEdit