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ArngrimEinherjar and Benedetto9

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Setups that give you a variety of sitting animations using the Dynamic Animation Replacer mod.

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We created this mod to provide several DAR-setups for sitting animations to bring more variety into your game (animations from person123456789 and Benedetto9 included). DAR is a huge framework with a lot to discover and the customisation can be confusing, so we wanted to provide some
easy to use premade setups.
Install this and you will have different sitting animations playing randomly and/or under certain circumstances.
Read the description of the files to get to know what you'll actually get.
More Details following down below.


You'll need to install the mod Dynamic Animation Replacer and it's requirements for this mod to work.
FNIS/Nemesis are not necessary.


Simply use your mod manager to install or extract the archives manually into your game data folder.


You can install either one package or combine them. And customise them as you like.
To get the most out of it you should take a look at the subfolders.
The numbers of the subfolders show you two things:

1. The higher the number the higher the priority. So the conditions from  higher priority folders will be taken instead that one of a lower
priority folder. Keep this in mind if you want to use more than one  package or create your own customisations.

2. We numbered the subfolders so you can easily see which animation is in that folder if you look at the last digit.
Folder 4001 contains animation 1, Folder 4002 contains animation 2. Check the pictures on the Mod Page to see
what each animation looks like.

You can use the setups we provided with any sitting animation that is out there for SE. If you like to see
a different animation than one we provided simply overwrite the animation files (They always are .hkx files)
in the corresponding subfolder with the one you desire.
For example: If you wan't to replace animation 3 in the expensive jewelry package of this mod go into
the female subfolder following the 5103 folder (3 at the ending for animation 3).
So the path is the following:
And inside that folder overwrite the existing animation files with the one from the animation you want to have instead.

Additional note:
The packages that will play animations randomly also sometimes will play
the vanilla female sitting animation. If you don't want that you need to
install a sitting replacer for the vanilla animation alongside this. For example you can use this mod or this mod.

Felisky384 for creating the great Dynamic Animation Replacer
Person123456789 for graciously allowing the use of his files in other mods