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The Face Sculptor in the Ragged Flagon will now offer the service of changing your physical sex, as well as a complimentary name change, for no extra cost.

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The lands of Tamriel are a place filled with mysterious and powerful magic that is studied much like a science. If one can reshape the flesh of the body to create a new face, adding or removing scars and muscle or editing bone structure, then changing your gender completely isn't much of a step further. It is even said that the Argonians of Black Marsh regularly use the Hist to swap their physical sex. Now, the Face Sculptor in the Ragged Flagon will offer this private service to you as part of her standard package deal.

This mod edits the racemenu that pops up when changing your face in Riften, allowing you to change your sex and name. but not your race. This was done for both lore-friendliness and to reduce potential issues.

How does it work?

Those of you who have used console commands to bring up the Racemenu may have noticed before that changing your gender doesn't 'stick'. NPC's will continue to refer to you by the gender you initially picked at the start of the game. However, this only applies to the console command, not the papyrus script function in the creation kit, so your new gender and name will be properly updated across the save, even if you change multiple times. This mod swaps out the Sculptor's 'LimtedRaceMenu' for the regular one (So that you can edit sex) and sets all races except for your own to be non-playable, so that you cannot go from being a Nord to an Argonian. Your own race is left visible because if there is not at least one race option, the game crashes.

The mod also tracks whether or not you just gave yourself a new scar and makeup, or actually changed your gender, and updates a globalvariable to note that fact. Any mods using this one as a master could condition dialogue or quests based on the player being transgender, if they so wished.


I am not interested in getting into debates over the lore-friendliness or 'appropriateness' of putting transgender content in games. If you have a bug report or genuine criticism regarding the implementation, no problem. But any bigoted or ignorant comments will simply be ignored, so you are wasting your own time, not mine.

First, install SKSE.
Then, simply install with the mod manager of your choice (recommended) or manually
extract the download contents into your data folder.


Should be compatible with anything that does not edit the DLC1Surgery quest or it's associated script. Growl does this, so there is a seperate version for that (Only download one version).

While not a direct incompatibility, custom races will show up as selectable options in addition to your current race unless you have a patch. I'm not interested in making these myself as there are countless custom race mods and I don't use any personally, but you are free to do so yourselves.


I now have a patreon, if you enjoy my mods and would like to support me, I would greatly appreciate it. However, my mods will never be paywalled or offered early to patrons, so don't worry. It's purely to help me have to focus less on real life and more on modding.