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About this mod

This implements a Leveling System that is mostly similar to the Oblivion Leveling System with its attributes into Skyrim, NPC's will get Attributes as well.

Permissions and credits

This Mod is to make Skyrim's Leveling System feel more like Oblivions. It will bring back the 8 Attributes, every Attribute has its own advantages.
The Mod also make Adjustments to the Doomstones, it changes them into the format Oblivion had them.
This mod also gives Attributes to NPC's, but you will need to run one of the both Patchers. (zEdit or Synthesis)
I also remove every Perk, so I bound them to your Skill Progress. You no longer make yourself stronger by selecting a Perk, it now gets calculated.

Everything that is in this mod, will stay in the mod! You are allowed to make Suggestions, but everything related to, "Please Remove this, or this, blah blah" will be removed from my mod page!

If you want to make a Suggestion then please make this here.
Please keep everything clean as possible, I do not like Unorganized stuff.


Current Features

  • Attributes:
  • "Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Speed, Endurance, Personality and Luck" Every Attribute has it's own use, for example, increasing your Strength will increase your damage output against other Creatures/NPC's. These Attributes can only be 100 on its Base Level, but you can improve it over that with Spells and other Stuff.
    The Attributes are similar to the ones from Oblivion. Except for Luck, Luck is (At the Moment) not much included. It Helps your Damage, gives you some extra Perk to increase the loot amount on a specific Luck Level. As well I gave it the ability to increase your Critical Hit Chance.
    I will leave a lovely Link here, it will help you: Oblivion: Attributes
  • Levelling:
Levelling is Controlled by your Major Skills. If you gained 10 Increasments for your Major skills you will get a message telling you to find a bed
to sleep, After Sleeping the Level up will be triggered and you will get 3 Skill Points. Which you can use to increase your Attributes. There is
also a Maximum Level, it will be defined by the Skill levels you start with, it is around Level 50. (It depends on your choice for, your Race,
your Birthsign and your Class. I know, nobody likes Max Levels, but I do.)
  • Level Messages
Every Level Up you will get a little Level message. You can disable them in the MCM if you do not like them.
  • Character Menu
By Pressing the "F1" Hotkey (Keybindings can be configured in the MCM Menu) you will open up the Character Menu, here you will see your 
Attributes your Level Progress, and more.
  • The 21 Classes:
  • There are 21 predefined classes available. If there is no class for you, you can simply create your own class.
  • The 13 Birthsigns:
  • Every Birthsigns has it's own advantages. For Example, you have the Birthsign "The Atronach". It will give you 150 Points more Magicka and a Magic Absorption. But steals all of your Magicka Regeneration.
  • Doomstones:
  • Now they will give you one or two Powers. But can only be acquired between 6 pm and 6 am.
  • Races:
  • Every Race now has "new" Race Abilities, Powers, and Resistances.
  • Perks:
  • You will only gain Perks by increasing your Skill Levels. Every 25 Skill Levels, you will get one Perk for the skill you have increased. To know what you have gained, you will get a message, telling you what you have gained.
  • Fatigue:
I implemented a system that is a mix of Morrowind and Oblivion, your Fatigue regeneration will be slower while running, and you will increase
your regeneration rate by increasing Endurance up to 7.5 P/s.

  • Enchantments/Potions/Ingredients/Spells:
I am also adding Various Enchantments, Potions and Spells to the game. All Infos to this, you can see here.
And I am changing the Fortify Enchantments to be only what they should be, Fortifying the skill they own.
  • NPC Support
NPC's and Creatures gain Attributes as well, this will only work if you Patch your Loadorder with one of the two Patchers (zEdit or Synthesis).
This works for Follower as well, when they follow you they get Updated every 90 Seconds (Time is configurable)
  • VR Compatibility:
This mod is compatible with the VR version of the game and I will always try to remain this status, if something is not working in VR, tell me.
The Creation of Custom Classname and Description is disabled for VR Players, you will get the Default Name and Description.

Vampire (Optional)
I implemented a Vampire Overhaul, this works similar to the Vampire System from Oblivion.

  • Advantages:
100% Resistance to Paralysis and Diseases. (All the time)
Skill and Attribute Bonus*. (Stage * 5)
Resist Normal Weapons. (Stage * 5%)
Unarmed Damage. (Stage * 3)

  • Disadvantages:
Sun Damage. (Stage 1 = 0 dmg/ps, Stage 2 = 1 dmg/ps, Stage 3 = 4 dmg/ps and Stage 4 = 8 dmg/ps)
Weakness to Fire (Stage * 10% + 10%)
  • Abilities:
Hunter's Sight, Night Eye for 30 Seconds and Detect life 100 Feat for 30 Seconds. Cost 5 Magicka, repeatable.
Vampire's Seduction, Unchanged.
Reign of Terror, Silence 20 Feat for 60 Seconds, and Demoralize up to LVL 6 for 60 seconds on touch, once per day.
Embrace of Shadows, Night Eye for 90 Seconds and Invisibility for 180 Seconds, once per day.

  • NPC's:
They will now get 20% resistance to normal Weapons and every other advantage you will get too and a 50% Fire Weakness.
  • Vampire Lord:
Has a Normal Weapons Resistance of 40% as well as the other Advantages and a Weakness to Fire of 70%.
*Athletics, Destruction, Illusion, Sneak, Strength, Willpower and Speed.

Planned Features

  • German Translation:
I will add a German Translated ESP.
  • Patches:
  • If anything needs a Patch, I will try to make it if possible. You request them here.


I would recommend installing this mod with a Mod Manager that can Handle FOMOD files. (e.g. MO2)
Just put it in your Load order, or you use LOOT.
After this, run the zEdit Patcher or the Synthesis Patcher and let it Patch your Load Order, then enable the created ESP and you are got to go.

Obviously, you need to start a new game for it, it will not work on existing saves!
Uninstallation this on an active Playthrough is not recommended, if you do, you should start a new Game.


For Compatibility look here.

This Mod is not intended to be used with the Skill Uncapper mod, it may work, but it is your decision. If something breaks, do not come to me and cry about it!

This Mod also is not intended to be used with the Skill Legendary bullshit, if you choose to make your skill Legendary, your game will possibly crash. I do not know why it crashes, but under the circumstance that this is not intended in the first place, I will not "fix" it.

I did not build this mod in any intentions of using any Perk mods. You can have Perk Points, but the risk of getting too strong is possible. There will be no "Fix" for this.

A German and English Translation File is Included.

The System Changes:
All Playable Races, as well as their Vampire Counterparts.
The Enchantment "Fortify Heal Rate" to a Regenerate Helth Enchantment.
Fortify Enchantments and the Magic Effect.
Some Ingredients.
Spells and Magic Effect, only Conditions.
Some Leveled list as well as Merchant containers. Those can be easily Patched by doing it manually, or run a program like Wrye Bash.
The Doomsteone and the Quest from the Crown. (A Compatibility Patch for other Doomstone mods is in the Patches File, simply follow the Instruction it has for you, and then they should work.)

The Vampire Addition is changing:
The Vampire Races.
Some Vampire NPC, to give it a new Perk.
The Vampire Quest

Actor Values:
Fame, Infamy, FavorActive, FavorPointsBonus, FavorsPerDay, FavorsPerDayTimer, LastBribedIntinidated, LastFlattered and VoicePoints


If you find some of them, please do not keep them for yourself, let me know of their existence too.
There is a Bug tab, please use this one to report something to me, reporting them anywhere else will get ignored by me or removed.

Known Problems

  • None for now