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Do you find gathering materials for your house tedious, but don't want to cheat to get the items? Have a look at this mod!

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No more running around Skyrim hunting for materials or waiting your steward to slowly furnish your house. With this mod every piece of the house and all furnishing options only require gold. The total price for completely building the house and furnishing every room is around 25k, which is enough to give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. The price varies based on what you choose to build, with the cellar being by far the most expensive to furnish.

Speaking of the cellar, the shrine of Arkay is the only exception in requiring nothing but gold. I added a 20 log requirement to it as well, to give you a way to get rid of the log pile that you are given when you purchase the land. If you would rather keep the log pile in your front yard, you can always buy more logs from a mill.

Pick one of the four main files, depending if you are using the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch or sticking with vanilla Skyrim. The other choice is if you want double the price of building. There's also an optional file for the Farming Creation Club content, so you can build stuff with gold in there as well. All files are flagged ESL.

If you are sticking with an older version of Skyrim, the old 1.0 files of this mod are still available to download. Those do not require having the Fishing update installed.