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A replacer for the Skaal leader and a complement of my new mod to come :D

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Hey guys! Decided to share a replacer for Fanari I did for myself using Nadja, that somehow will be a complement of the Skaal GreatHall Overhaul I'll be sharing soon. The screenshots are kinda of spoilers, but you'll have an idea of the other mod look :D

I set Fanari as a possible follower (increasing her stats and all) but you'll have to force her into follower using AFT, EFF or UFO, cause Bethesda locked the "follow me I need your help" for her voice type.

I haven't set her as marriable yet cause the other mod will force that by it's own quests and you will be able to move to GreatHall with your kids :D

Well I don't want to spoiler too much, check it out and enjoy it :D


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Royal Armory - New Artifacts by PrivateEye

Ornate Buklari Shield by  Fortran

Ursine Armor Pack UNP by DeserterX

Dragonbone Barbarian Armors - 7B - UNPB - UUNP - CBBE - Bodyslide by Shockero

Kalilies and Stealthic - KS Hairdos 

SG Female Eyebrows by hellosanta

SG Female Textures Renewal by  hellosanta

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