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This mod reduces time spent in menus by reworking certain enchantments so they no longer require gear switching.
Consists of three parts: Fortify Damage Enchantment, Enchantable Leather Purse and Enchantable Crafting Gear.
All of these parts are optional and can be used seperately from each other.

Permissions and credits
Reduce menu-time switching enchanted gear

This are small modificications to enchanting I made to reduce the time spent in menus switching enchanted gear for various activities. This is done by merging the benefits of several types of equipment or enchantment into one, which does not have to be switched at all.

My design philosophy while making these mods is to reduce the time the game is paused while the player switches gear. It is not my intention to change game combat balance significantly, except for optional effects that can be turned off.

There are three modifications in total: Fortify Damage, Enchantable Leather Purse, and Enchantable Crafting gear. Each of these is optional. None depend on another.

Note that none of these changes work retroactively on pre-player-enchanted gear. It also won't stop you from using these as well, allthough this is not the intended way to use this.

This is my first Skyrim mod, and all suggestions and feedback are most welcome.

1. Fortify Damage

Merge all physical damage buff enchantments into one Fortify Damage:

  • Fortify One-handed
  • Fortify Two-handed
  • Fortify Archery

You can only use one kind of weapon at a time anyway. Because you can only use one of these enchantments at a time it makes sense to not have them seperated like they are. This means you no longer have to switch between enchanted gear when switching weapons.

All pieces of gear that could previously be enchanted with a Fortify Archery enchantment can be enchanted with this new buff.

The Fortify Damage buff is just as strong as the specialist enchantments. The old player-made specialists enchantments no longer provide benefits, unless they were enchanted before this mod went into effect. The old specialist enchantments can still be found fully working on pre-enchanted gear from loot or shops, etc. These also function as the source of the Fortify Damage enchantment.

If you want, you can make this plugin affect magic Destruction damage for 100%/50%/0% as well. This is because mages never benefitted from enchantments for their damage, while archers and warriors do for their damage. This might mess with the game balance a bit.

Fortify Damage requires SKSE. You can switch the version of this part, but enchanted gear will need to be re-equipped to apply the new changes.
WARNING: Do not remove it while gear is in use, both on player character and companions. Install the "cleanup" version and re-save first, after a few minutes.

2. Fortify Barter on a purse instead of an amulet:

Amulets can no longer be enchanted to provide a Fortify Barter bonus. Instead, a new piece of gear, the Leather Purse which is craftable at a tanning rack from leather, can be enchanted instead. This leather purse is equipable in a slot that does not conflict with others, at least in unmodded Skyrim.

Pre enchanted amulets for bartering can still be found, but the bonus is now 0. They can still be disenchantment to learn the fortify barter enchantment.

An optional modification is included to make the Clavicus Ville Boons for persuasion/bartering permanent effects on the player, instead of enchantments on the mask. That means you no longer need to wear the mask to gain its shopping benefits.

3. Merge Crafting Enchantments into seperate skill related tools.

Old gear can no longer be enchanted to provide a Fortify Smithing or Alchemy Bonus bonus. Instead, two new piece of gear, the Alchemy Vial and the Smithing Hammer can be enchanted instead. These items are equipable in slots that do not conflict with others, at least in unmodded Skyrim.

The Alchemy Vial is craftable at a Smelter from glass. The Smithing Hammer is forgable at an anvil or force from an iron ingot.

Pre enchanted gear for these enchantments can still be found, but the bonus is now 0. They can still be disenchanted to learn their respective enchantments.

The enchantments are at least 4 times as strong, because they are meant to replace all existing enchanted crafting gear. Their are 4 slots for each enchantment: Amulet, Ring, hands, and body/head. There are plus 1 and plus 2 variants to account for mods that might add more slots that can be used for crafting enchantments.