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Uses imagespace modifiers to darken dungeon interiors while leaving other locations alone

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Important notice for ENB users
If your ENB preset disables 
imagespace modifier color correction, this mod will not function. Some of these ENB presets will allow you turn imagespace modifier color correction back on by enabling ApplyGameColorCorrection, but this may alter how the ENB preset looks.

Examples of vanilla gameplay elements broken by disabling imagespace modifier color correction:

If you must use a certain ENB preset not designed to function with 
ApplyGameColorCorrection, you may look into RobotLucca's ENB Image Space Fix - ENBISF mod.

  • Darken dungeon interiors and only dungeon interiors
  • Non-dungeon interiors such as homes and shops remain bright
  • Exteriors also remain bright

  • ESL-flagged ESP file
  • Does not edit any existing records for maximum compatibility
  • Scripts are light, runs only on cell change
  • Has Mod configuration menu (MCM) to configure dungeon darkness. Adjust MCM inside a dungeon to see results quickly
  • Will work with any mod-added dungeon as long as they have the LocTypeDungeon keyword


Q: This mod doesn't work!
A: You might be using an ENB preset that disables color correction from imagespace modifiers. These ENB presets disable imagespace modifier color correction so spells and screen effects don't alter how the game looks. This makes configuring the ENB easier. Unfortunately, this also breaks many vanilla spells (such as Night Eye) and the functionality of this mod.

Q: How is this different from darker dungeons mod XYZ?
A: This mod does not edit any interiors; in fact, it does not edit any vanilla records, so this mod cannot conflict with other mods.
This mod also does not scan any interiors for lights and disable them, so this mod is relative light and tries to avoid any unintended consequences.

Q: Will this mod work with mod XYZ?
A: Yes.

Q: Will this mod make sneaking in dungeons easier?
A: No.