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I'm gonna be honest with you guys, I've never actually watched a full episode of the Joe Rogan Experience.

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"Lydia, pull that up."

Instead of dropping venison, elk will now drop elk-specific meat, which gives you a +1 boost to all skills for 60 seconds, as well as 20% boost to persuasion and a 20% boost to unarmed damage so you can host your podcast and do Jiu-Jitsu. 

"Wow, that's crazy, man. Anyway, have you ever tried sleeping tree sap?"

If I ever decide to do a playthrough with a Joe Rogan build that knows a little bit about all skills, interacts calmly with all factions, and uses drugs, I can eat elk meat as well. To be honest with you, I'm not even that much of a Joe Rogan fan. I think his podcast is great since he has some degree of knowledge in most subjects and talks to everyone from a very neutral standpoint, but I don't watch it religiously or anything.

"So a buddy of mine from Solitude..."

Q: Oh god, you're back to making obscure, low-effort, pointless 1KB mods?
A: Yeah, I'll release an update for IFD - Lydia soon, though.

Q: What the hell happened to Jerall Mountains Citadel?
A: Wait, what? You guys wanted me to keep making those things?

Q: Okay, first off, nice meme format. Second, yeah, you left us on a cliff hanger at the end of the Last Refuge with Lorina. Third, since when are you writing a novel? You're not even that good at writing plots, you just mask it with decent dialogue.
A: Thanks, I think I found that format in the Skyblivion Discord. I'm probably gonna use it for a lot more stuff.

Q: You know, you seem like a big Joe Rogan fan based off of this mod and it's description...
A: He's just a fun character. 

Q: You still haven't answered my question about the Last Refuge.
A: I still like the idea of follower dialogue overhauls, but I want to step away from writing Elder Scrolls content at large. I know, I know, there really just aren't enough good quest mods out there right now-

Q: Who ever said you were good at making quest mods? I just want to see how this shit ends.
A: ...As I was saying, I don't really like writing High Fantasy, let alone in someone else's universe. I wanted to start making my own lore based on the things I've spent the past few years learning about - history, philosophy, astronomy, physics, anthropology (okay, I took like one physics class and one anthro class in my Freshman year of college and that was it), and most of all, military science. I wanted to create something that had no influence from Todd Howard, Michael Kirkbride, Julian LaFey, or Emil "Keep It Simple Stupid" Pagliarulo, just pure, unadulterated Will (as in my first name, not the word that means persistance).

Q: "Pure, unadulterated Will" sounds like an absurd hellscape of obsession with weapons, armor, and tactics, sexual frustration, and bad jokes. Maybe a Mass Effect reference or two.
A: That's... uh... not horribly inaccurate.

Q: Do you think you'll ever come back to quest modding?
A: Probably, depending on what Starfield is like. One thing I hate about writing literature as opposed to video games is that in literature, you have to come up with a different variation of "said" for every line of dialogue, and then eventually reset when you run out of options. Or just not trying to repeat the same word too many times. Half the time I spend writing is just me trying to come up with synonyms for stuff so it doesn't sound bad.

Also, thanks for +600 endorsements and +20K downloads on the Lydia mod.