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A combat mod that gives non-spell projectiles the ability to instantly kill non-essential characters under certain conditions.

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Skyrim Special Edition 1.5.97

DLL Plugin Loader


Any of the following files can be edited. Every entry in each file must be followed by a newline. An empty line must exist at the end of each file, unless there are no entries. Adding unnecessary empty lines may result in crashes.


Any characters whose names are included in this file can't be instantly killed.


Any bows with a form id within this file can instantly kill a character. Since the form ids from dlc content can vary, the user will need to add these themselves.


Any hit nodes whose names are included in this file will cause the owner character to be instantly killed. For example, the  head node name for humanoid characters is NPC Head [Head]. If a character's NPC Head [Head] node is listed in dbp_nodes.txt and is hit by a form whose id is listed in dbp_forms.txt, and their name isn't in dbp_actors.txt, then that character will be instantly killed.

Adding New Nodes

The best way to find node names (that have a corresponding collision mesh) is by loading a skeleton.nif into nifskope. Alternatively, one could open the nif files in a text editor.


Install DLL Plugin Loader.

Place dbp_actors.txt, dbp_forms.txt, dbp_nodes.txt, and dbp_log.txt into the Skyrim Special Edition root folder.

Place dbp.dll in Skyrim Special Edition\Data\DLLPlugins. Create the folder DLLPlugins if it doesn't exist.