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One Breton face preset for Racemenu but I will add a few more in the future.

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If the preset doesn't work for you out of the box, try the following. 

  • Load the preset in Racemenu.
  • Go to Head and change the Face Part slider to number 3 (This will probably discolor the head but that will be fixed)
  • Click the Sculpt tab and then Import and select the nif file for the preset.
  • To fix the head discoloration go back to the Sliders tab, click Body and change the weight slider. You can put it back to the original weight if you want to but it needs to be moved.

Doing it this way I tried several of my presets on other races than the one they were created for and I was pleased with the results. They seemed to come out exactly as intended for any of the human races and almost exactly for the Elf races. For the latter you would probably want to change the eye color and give them pointy ears. This should allow you to use any of my presets for any race except Khajiit, Argonian, and Orc. 


High Poly Head (Hard requirement) Hosted on an external website.

KS Hairdos SSE  

Fair Skin Complexion 

Mild Eyes 

Realistic Hair Colors 


Hvergelmir Brows and SG Eyebrows for High Poly Head - The main file Hvergelmir Brows - For High Poly Head (fixes the Brows mod for High Poly Head)

RaceMenu (Hard requirement)

Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition-

Skin Feature Overlays SE