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-Mod Resource-

50 paintings and 50 floor/wall/ceiling textures, all 2048x2048.

Also added an optional file with the paintings in Tamira's painting frame meshes.

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*Sorry it seems like 'Dancing Couple' isn't working for some reason, it looks fine in NifSkope but for some reason doesn't render properly in CK or in game. I redid it from the jpg and it's still not working so unless people love that painting I'll probably just nix it*

An assortment of tiles, floors, walls, ceilings, and paintings I made for my soon-to-be-released house mod Souira. As you'll be able to tell after downloading the textures, it's Moroccan/Arab themed. All are 2048x2048, except for a few paintings that are 1024x1024 because I liked them but couldn't find a better version.

The 50 paintings are all public domain and mostly from the Open Access- National Gallery of Art. None are modern as to be more lore friendly. Some contain nudity, nothing too extreme but use at your discretion.

Keep an eye out for Souira! Should be released in the next few weeks.


Thanks to Tamira for the frame mesh used in the optional file!
Also credits to the original artists.

PS. if you use the paintings in your mod be sure to include that they're public domain by virtue of being beyond the period (be it 70-100 years depending on nation of origin) after the artist's death. This seems to be legally necessary, per my hazy understanding.

Feel free to use them for any purpose without crediting me, however they may not be used in a paid mod without my permission. Keep it free baby.

Happy modding!