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This mod adds in a friendly fox companion to the game who is capable of all base follower functions as well as something very unique: the Thu'um.

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Dovahfox - A Shouting Fox Companion
Guaranteed to shout your enemies all the way to the Cloud District
As seen on PCGamesN

"Skyrim legend tells of a companion known as the Dovahfox, a creature with the body of a fox and the tongue of a dov, whose destiny it is to aid the Dragonborn in destroying the evil dragon Alduin."

This is my first mod and thus it's meant as a joke/humorous addition, that is to say, it's rather simple, light, and shouldn't really cause any problems. Although I am no modding genius, if you have any issues I'll do my best to assist. 

The Dovahfox is an intelligent fox spirit who will gladly follow you to Oblivion then Aetherius and all the way back. He will gladly bear your burdens, wait patiently, execute tasks within his ability, and more, just like any follower. However, with a voice wielding power of the ancient Nord arts he will fearlessly charge into battle and never turn away with a tucked tail. He even glows like magelight to make you feel safe in those dusty ruins, but as a spirit animal of cunning, he will never affect stealth or set off pressure plates.


His voicetype is MaleDrunk (also used by Sanguine, Narfi, Torbjorn Shatter-Shield, etc.) and he utilizes the vanilla follower framework, thus I HIGHLY recommend you to download the following:

Follower Commentary Overhaul SE - FCO SE

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO SE

EFF - Extensible Follower Framework
Nether's Follower Framework

The shouts he will use consist of Fire Breath, Frost Breath (both of which include the player's AND dragons' versions), Drain Vitality, Cyclone, and Unrelenting Force.

He can be found in the middle of High Hrothgar's courtyard (the place where the Greybeards teach you Whirlwind Sprint).

Hope you enjoy!