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Removes all instances of ENB, FXAA, ReShade and SweetFX from a given directory and enables you to save your configs to 50 (or more) slots. These saved configs can then be loaded back in with a single click, hassle free.

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(successor to ENB FXAA SweetFX Manager and Remover)

I got tired of having to look for the individual files used for ENB, FXAA, ReShade and SweetFX modifiers when testing them out, so I decided to write a small program to find and delete all traces of all versions from a given directory. It also gives you 50+ slots to save your configs to. These saved configs can then be loaded back into your chosen game directory with a click of a button, hassle free!

You can even add your own file and folder names to the list this program uses, letting it use those strangely named ENB config files some mod authors use! If you see a file in your game directory that isn't being detected, just drag that file directly onto the remover and the filename will get added to the management list.


Run "ENB and ReShade Manager.exe" from anywhere on your PC.
Make sure the path points to your Skyrim install directory, if not make it do so.
Hit the 'Remove' button.
It will delete all instances of ENB, FXAA, ReShade and SweetFX from the selected directory. It will display what has been deleted if anything has at all.
You can then install any other configs you may have without having to worry about files conflicting.


Some ENB configurations come with there own custom lot of files that it pulls from. If you have any ENB files that aren't being picked up by this tool, select them from your game directory in your file explorer and click and drag them onto the detected files area of the manager. The manager will write the dropped file names to the files list automatically, any duplicate file names and you will be notified they already exist in the files list.
This will work for single files in the root game folder only (or where you have the game directory set to), This doesn't work with folders yet.
Folder names will need to be written manually by opening the files list and writing a new line.

This is a one-time setup event that won't need to be done every single time. Once you have those filenames in there, that's it! You will now be able to remove, save and load those files using the manager.

- Fixed application crash when a NexusMods user doesn't have a valid avatar when viewing the Endorsement panel

- Fixed singular loading of saved .dll files from slot 6 onwards
- Single loading of dxd11.dll files from saved slots now carry across a d3dcompiler_46e.dll if one is not present.
- Added new single deletion feature: Double click the filename in the detected files list to remove it.
- Removed * from the FILES DETECTED message
- Changed the 'ENDORSE' button to match the recent nexus design
- Added new Recent Endorsements and stats page

- Application data lookups now configured to the full Nexus site changeover.
- Moved the 'Number of Downloads' label to the Endorsements tooltip.
- Added a 'Show Changelog' feature for future updates.
- Added a message window for when things go wrong, I can alert you.

- Fixed the .NET crash when accessing new https Nexus
- Fixed the 'Delete all configs from Set' right click option not correctly removing the highlighted active config from the top slot.
- Optimised 'Delete all configs from Set' action count.
- When saving new configs, focus automatically goes to the relevant textbox.

- Fixed 'enblocal.ini' not being removed
- Fixed the highlighted Active Config slot not reseting on configuration removal

- Changed contrast between menu colours and main colours slightly
- Added live endorsement counter to the ENDORSE button tooltip (across all 3 nexus pages)
- Added Nexus download counter (across all 3 nexus pages)
- Other misc changes

- Changed application UI/UX
- App will now tell you when an update is available
- 'enblocal.ini' will now be ignored of the 'Keep' checkbox is checked
- other misc changes


- Fixed Skyrim version selection not showing correctly

- Added Native 'Skyrim Special Edition' support
- Added ReShade v3.0+ support
- Fixed highlighted 'last loaded selection' still being highlighted when no config is installed
- Changed app name and graphic to 'ENB and ReShade Manager'

- Fixed application not properly locating installed config files
- Fixed application not correctly saving manual changes to install locations after initial setup
- Fixed Complete Uninstall button not correctly removing ALL other related games application folders
- Added gamemode dependent 'Reset Settings' button


- Added Native 'Oblivion' support
- Added Native 'Fallout 3' support
- Added Native 'Fallout New Vegas' support
- Fixed 'F4SE.exe' not correctly being prioritised before launching 'Fallout 4.exe' when using the 'Load Game' button
- All of the games Script Extenders have prioritised launch when using the 'Load Game' button

- Added support for v0.291 ENBSeries for FULL up to date Fallout 4 support
- Fixed 'Endorse' link linking to the wrong page (game mode specific).
- Fixed 'Go to mod page' button linking to the wrong page (game mode specific).
- Fixed 'Remove' button not de-selecting the last highlighted installed configuration.
- Sped up remove/save/load functions by 30%
- Decreased app refresh time by 50%

- The last config that was saved or loaded will be highlighted to display the currently installed configuration.

- Added Native 'Fallout 4' support
- Added Native 'The Witcher 3' support
- Added Game Selection with a 'Remember Selection' feature
- Added 'ReShade' compatibility with version checking
- Added the ability to make more config save folders and redirect/auto update for infinite amounts of save slot configurations
- Any files deleted now go to the 'Recycle Bin' as apposed to being permanently deleted
- Fixed links to Nexus pages
- Fixed 'Load Game' button not needing to be in the relevant games directory
- Fixed users being able to name slots that aren't occupied
- Made the 'Uninstall' feature more apparent
- Tweaked UI
- Many other misc changes.

- Fixed errors with the quick .ini editor


- Completely overhauled the way the app looks up files for use.
- Added custom files list for adding new file and folder names for the app to use.
- Added a new files button that opens the files list.
- Added ability to Drag & Drop files onto the app to automatically add file types to the files list.
- Added ability to select the location of your 'SkyrimPrefs.ini'.
- Added ability to completely 'uninstall' the app by right clicking the black and white main image.
- Fixed feedback textbox to accurately list which files are being detected.
- Fixed saved config detection checkboxes not being ticked when a config was saved there.
- Added ability to delete a whole set of configs by right clicking a set number button.
- Loading in configs will now automatically delete any previously installed configs first.
- Many other misc changes.


- Added more files to detect/delete
- Fixed errors when saving 'd3d9_smaa.dll'
- Fixed 'Files Detected' counter to be more accurate

- Added more files to detect/delete
- Fixed file detection not updating

- Added 20 more slots
- Added config slot dynamic buttons
- Removed config slot drop down menus
- Removed checkboxes from the quick edits form
- Feedback text now constantly tells you which files have been detected
- Tweaked instructions to reflect new changes

- Resolves incompatibilities with SSME (Skyrim Startup Memory Editor by Queue)

- Added support for the new ENB lens effects and features
- Added 'enbhost.exe' saving along side 'd3d9.dll's'
- Added shortcuts to opening saved config locations
- Feedback text now tells you how many files have been detected/deleted

- Mod/App rebrand
- New file names and directories (if detected older directories, it should update accordingly)
- No longer deletes saved screenshots
- Fixed an issue with d3d9.fx not being saved correctly
- Added SkyrimPrefs.ini quick edits
- Overwriting saved configs with another (no need to delete the config slot first)
- Added more files to detect/delete
- Added d3d9.dll version detection
- Added saving of previously saved d3d9.dll versions
- Added context menus for loading a config slots d3d9.dll
- Other small bug fixes and annoyances...

- Added ENB v0.200+ compatibility

- Added FULL SweetFX compatibility
- Added one more save slot. There are now 5 save slots
- Now compatible with recent ENB and ENBoost development
- Optimised code by 75%
- Updated endorse button to coincide with the recent Nexus interface update
- Various other small improvements

- Added a button that launches Skyrim (will launch SKSE instead if you have that installed)
- Added tooltips to various instances to give more information about the application
- Added a '?' button to the bottom right of the main textbox, that enables you to check for already installed configs from within the selected directory
- If it's your first time opening the remover, it will ask you to select your Skyrim install directory before you begin
- Changed application instructions layout and added instructions for new feature
- Added a line of text that appears at the bottom of the main textbox to give some form of user feedback when certain actions are made
- Fixed a bug with a wrong checkbox being unticked when config slot 4 was deleted
- Slightly changed main title image and changed the remove button font

- Fixed file 'enbeffectprepass.fx' not being saved correctly
- Moved application instructions to another window to make room for another feature
- Added ability to write in the name of the ENB/FXAA config you have saved to remind yourself what has been saved
- Added ability to open the file directories of the save slots
- Clicking the textbox with the directory location now opens the written directory
- Added to app instructions to include the new 'Config Save Slots'

- Added ability to save your current ENB config to a configuration slot (4 in total)

- Application will now remember last selected instal directory
- Slightly changed in-app instructions
- Added option to stop the main 'd3d9.dll' file from being deleted
- Added 'ENDORSE ME' button that links to the main remover mod page
- Changed lablelink to open my Skyrim Nexus user page, instead of the main remover mod page

- Slightly changed application layout
- Added in-app instructions for ease of use
- Added more files to detect and delete

- No longer deletes custom control settings

- Added user defined Skyrim install directories

- New GUI
- Can be run from anywhere on your PC

- Added more files to detect and delete
- Opens 'Remover_log.txt' on execution

- Added "Remover_log.txt" to show you what has been deleted if anything (sectioned via time and date of removal)
- More thorough pass of files to detect and delete

- Removes conflict with a ScriptDragon .dll file
- Added +1 file to be deleted

- Initial release
- Removes files from enb and fxaa

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