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Makes Improved Helgen Keep Starter Equipment more reasonable.

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Improved Helgen Keep Starter Equipment

Improved Helgen Keep Starter Equipment gives you, the player, a better start when beginning the game by making the gear in Helgen better for different types of playstyles. This just improves upon that even more.

Here's what the plugin does:
-Number of arrows reduced from 30 to 18 on both Gunjar and the warden's chest. I felt that this was more reasonable since you can loot both the chest and Gunjar, and since there are archer NPCs further in the keep that spawn with arrows.
-Gunjar now only has an iron battlaxe, long bow, and iron arrows. Before he also had a shield and war axe, which didn't make sense. (Why would he be hauling around a battleaxe AND a war axe and shield?) You can still go into the Imperial room afterwards and get an iron sword if you want a one handed weapon that isn't an Imperial sword.
-The chests in the Imperial room have been altered for customization. The first chest at the end of the bed by the door has a set of Imperial light armor with no shield. The other chest next to it has an imperial heavy helmet, light shield, and studded cuirass. The warden's chest has full Imperial heavy armor complete with the heavy shield and full faced Imperial helmet. (Because the warden of the keep should have heavy armor.) This way you can mix and match all the different Imperial armor pieces to your liking, (like wearing a set of medium armor) without duplicating set pieces.

Install with MO2 or Vortex.

Compatible with everything unless another mod edits the same thing.

Place after the original mod.

Plugin is ESL flagged and won't take up a slot in your load order.

That's all... enjoy!