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This mod adds one new bow to the game. It is located in the Abandoned Shack on the hearth. Base Damage is the same as Ebony. It can be crafted, upgraded, and enchanted. Custom created model, and 2K textures. Optional file to replace all Hunters Bows in game with the same model, and texture. Flagged .esl as of v1.1a

Permissions and credits

If upgrading from v1.1  to version 1.1a you NEED to create a clean save first.
Disable the mod
Load game then save
Enable new version.

Otherwise it will break your save!

You will need to re-aquire the bow and will loose any custom enchantments
or upgrades. Small price to pay to have it as an .esl and save room for
more mod goodness.

Firstly this mod has 2 different installation options.

Use the main file with .esp for stand alone mod that will add one bow to the Abandoned Shack.
This bow can also be crafted, upgraded, and enchanted and has the base damage the same as the ebony bow.

Use the optional Hunters bow replacer to replace all the hunters bows in game with this model, and texture.
This does NOT change any of the stats of the hunters bow or any of it's locations. Simply a model, and texture replacer for that bow.

Use either as a stand alone or both together (let files overwrite as textures are located in the same place for both options).

Now the readthis file for the .esp version.

Nicos Bow of the Hunter v1_1 SE

Reason for this mod:

There are a lot of fantasy style bows in game and available through other mods.
I wanted to make a traditional style composite Hunting bow based on the Mongolian design and contruction.
Made with horn, and sinew limbs wrapped with leather. Sinew wraps holding the horker tusk ear, and braided leather wrapped handle.
So I made it :)

What does this mod do:

This mod adds one Bow of the hunter to the Abandoned shack on the hearth.
Kind of a welcome to the family gift from the Dark Brotherhood.
The colors of the bow reflect this being mostly black, and red.
The bow is also craftable, and can be upgraded.
It can also be enchanted however best suits your play style.
It is the same base damage as the ebony bow so strong enough to use thoughout your play without being overpowered.


Unzip the folder to your skyrim folder, and place a checkmark next to the .esp before start up
Or.... use your favorite mod manager.


PhatBassAnchor for all the knowledge he has shared on bow construction as well as finding me the image of a real life bow this is based on.


None without gaining permission from me first.

I can be reached via PM on the nexus.

Version History:

1.0 Initial release

1.1 Reduced weight from 16 to 4. Increased speed from .5625 to .6625

Some final thoughts, and an author's request:

I love making stuff for this game. I love to share what i made because i like to see people happy.

However please be advised that the things I make are shared 'as is'.
I do not do requests but will be around to support what I release for compatibility questions as well as bug reports.

I will simply ignore or delete any requests or unwarranted negative posts.
This way I can still offer support for what I have released to those that appreciate it.

Hope you enjoy it. ;)