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STAYDOWN adds a gameplay element to which you will now have to revive your essential follower or finish the fight if they get knocked down during combat.

Permissions and credits
ESL flagged ESP or ESPFE

Will keep your essential followers and other NPC's incapacitated for the duration of a fight when health reaches zero.
  • You can use NPC designated healing spells to revive your followers during a fight
  • This mod gives you the option to use potions Administer Potions and Poisons 
  • When combat ends health regeneration for essential NPC's returns and they will get back up with or without your help.
  • No scripts, nothing added or taken away. Five game settings have been changed and nothing more.

3 Versions Available -
Light - Can usually get followers up relatively quick
Medium - Could take some time
Heavy - Might have to take care of business yourself

Settings Changed                                           Vanilla        Light     Medium       Heavy                           
fEssentialDownCombatHealthRegenMult                          0.75               0.0                0.0                  0.0
fEssentialHealthPercentReGain                                          0.30               0.0                0.0                   0.0
fEssentialNonCombatHealRateBonus                                5.0                 0.0                0.0                  0.0
fEssentialNPCMinimumHealth                                           -30                 -50               -100                -150
fEssentialDeathTime                                                           20.0              120.0            120.0              120.0

Wildcat -
Load STAYDOWN after or it will not work.

Nether's Follower Framework - 
Has this as a option built in

SSEEdit -
Will help solve conflicts in your game.


Uninstall -

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